Adam Sandler Costume

Adam Sandler Costume

You need the following items for your Adam Sandler Halloween costume:

  1. adidas Basketball Short
  2. Blue Golf Polo Shirt
  3. Leather Brown Sneakers

  1. adidas Men's Pro Model Short 2
  2. Superman Classic Logo T-Shirt
  3. Wedding Band Ring
  4. Polarized Sunglasses
  5. adidas Men's Pro Spark

Adam Sandler is known for 2 things; being one of the best comedy actors of Hollywood, and dressing up as casual as it gets nearly all the time, no matter where he is.

Cosplay Adam Sandler by dressing up in basketball shorts, preferably blue ones, some baggy or striped polo shirts, and  basketball shoes

How To Dress Like Adam Sandler

Adam Sandler Halloween Costume

Dress like Adam Sandler;

Adam Sandler Costume: It is one of the easiest, most causal, and funniest Halloween costume idea eve. For this coolest cosplay idea, head to your local retail store for a baggy polo shirt, basketball shorts, and basketball shoes. 

Adam Sandler Accessories: To complete your Adam Sandler Halloween costume, don't forget black sunglasses.

Adam Sandler Halloween Costume

Adam Sandler

It is one thing to be a popular Hollywood comedian. It is another thing to be a fashion icon. But, let's admit it, it is a whole another level to be a comedian fashion icon. After all, how many comedians can you recall who are famous for their outfits? The signature Adam Sandler outfit consists of oversized, slouched basketball shorts that are way below his knees, and preferably in blue. He completes his look by wearing blue or red oversized t-shirts and shorts. 

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