Billy Hargrove Costume Ideas (Season 4 Updated)

Stranger Things Billy Costume Ideas



Billy Lifeguard Costume


Billy Season 4 Costume

Billy Hargrove Season 4 Costume

You need the following Items for your Billy Hargrove from Stranger Things Season 4 Halloween costume:

  1. White Tank Top For Men
  2. Wrangler Men's Cowboy Cut Slim Fit Jean
  3. 16 Inches Mullet Wig
  4. Billy Hargrove's Necklace
  5. Mehron Makeup Stage Blood
  6. Black Leather Belt
  7. Black Lace Up Boots

In season 4, we see Billy in Max's hallucination when Vecna lured her into Upside down. He wears his home outfit that we see in season 3. For this costume, you will need very basic items that you can already find in your wardrobe. Just get a white tank top, cowboy cut jeans and black lace-up boots.

To complete your Billy Hargrove season 4 costume, don't forget his Virgin Mary necklace and lots of stage blood.

How To Dress Like Billy From Stranger Things

Billy Hargrove Season 2 Costume

Dress like Billy from Stranger Things;

Billy is a person that has all traits of 80s rock stars; threatening, violent, charming, and tempting. Even though he is very popular at school and work, he is never seen emotionally close to anyone, except his mother.

Billy Hargrove's Outfits: As we discussed above, Billy has most personality traits of 80s Rock Star cliché. He also dresses up like a Rock Star. You need slim fit dress shirts or shirts, slim fit jeans and all that sort of rock star clothes for your Billy Hargrove Halloween costume.

Billy Hargrove Accessories: To complete your Billy Hargrove look, don't forget fake cigarettes, as he smokes a lot, and also you need a rock star wig and combat boots.

Billy Hargrove Halloween Costume

Billy Hargrove Lifesaver Outfit

Billy Hargrove (Dacre Montgomery) is a one of the secondary characters in Netflix's Stranger Things.

He was Max Mayfield's half-brother and seems to reflect his father's mistreatment against him to Max and her friends, especially Lucas.

He was also possessed by The Mind Flayer, It used Billy as a vessel to abduct numbers of inhabitants of Hawkins and eventually build the Spider-Beast. His true conscience was exposed by Eleven, and he killed himself to save others, and before he died he apologized to Max for all the evil he had done.

About Billy Hargrove From Stranger Things

Billy is charming and angry, with his tough and unforeseeable nature mostly shown only to those closest to him, especially the younger ones. He is hostile to Steve and sees him as an opponent. Billy grapples with problems at home: his abusive father, who treats him the same way he treats his half-sister.

Billy has also been shown to be bloodthirsty when he tried to crush the kids because of a quarrel between him and Max.  Billy also brutally beat Steve and was probably going to kill him if Max  didn't stop him. He also brutally and sadistically broke Max's friend's arm, as described in Runaway Max. He even pushed Lucas against the wall and was about to beat him if Steve didn't stop him.

But in 1985, when Eleven enters his mind to find out the whereabouts of the Mind Flayer, it is seen that in his youth he was a friendly and happy child with her mother, but turned violent after his mother left him.  Despite being abandoned by his mother to endure Neil's abuse, he still loves and misses her desperately.

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