Chase Devineaux Costume

Chase Devineaux Costume

You need the following items for your Chase Devineaux Halloween costume:

  1. Brown Casual Knit Blazer
  2. White Long Sleeve Dress Shirts
  3. Brown Hair Wig
  4. Red Classic Necktie
  5. Black Belt
  6. Black Loafers

Chase Devineaux wears a brown suit jacket (which he calls his "Lucky Jacket"), a brown/red tie and a plain white shirt underneath. His skin is slightly darker, light in color with a broad mustache/beard and a light brown hair tone.

In Season Three, after being rehired by ACME, he now wears the standard issue ACME suit and sunglasses.


How To Dress Like Chase Devineaux From Carmen Sandiego

Chase Deniveaux Cosplay Costume

Dress like Chase Devineaux;

Chase Devineaux Costume: For your Chase Devineaux Halloween costume, you will need a brown casual knit blazer, a white long-sleeve dress shirt, and black loafers.

Chase Devineaux Accessories: To complete your Chase Devineaux look, don't forget to get a brown hair wig, a red classic necktie and a black belt.


Chase Devineaux Halloween Costume

Chase Devineaux Cosplay Costume

Chase is an enterprising and often unsuccessful detective tasked with catching Carmen Sandiego with his rookie partner Julia. His standout feature throughout the series is his constant consumption of mint, which he always seems to hold onto.

Chase Devineaux has an arrogant and ambitious character. She believes she can catch Carmen Sandiego on his own and sees the extensive detective job as a waste of time. She doesn't care about clues others catch because she's so full of herself, and when others catch them, she insists they're boring details that no one cares about. Ambitious hopes to boost his own reputation by taking on Carmen Sandiego, but recklessly, he destroys several cars and loses important pieces of technology and evidence.

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