Dress Like Dr. Morbius Miracle 2

Dr. Morbius Costume


How To Dress Like Dr. Morbius From Marvel

Dr. Morbius -Marvel Haloween Costume

Dress like Dr. MorbiusĀ from Marvel;

Dr. Morbius Costume: Black long straight wigs, white latex medical gown slim tapered stretchy black pants, black shoes, motorcycle leather black gloves, carbon fiber crutch 2, Casio classic watch, white cotton fake collar

Dr. Morbius Halloween Costume

Dr. Morbius-Marvel Cosplay

Dr. If you have long hair like Morbius, we can collect them or use a long wig. (Note: The most beautiful wigs are for women) You may prefer a white long apron to provide a doctor's look. You used a fake white collar to get the collar look of the apron. You can finish dressing like "Dr. Morbius" with black pants, black leather gloves and shoes, and a Casio watch and crutches.

Dr. Morbius Cosplay

The Living miracle Vampire. Dr. Michael Morbius is a biochemist. Experimentation to eliminate his rare blood disease, Morbius gained a cureā€¦ and acute vampirism. The side effects; wonderful senses, pain to light, and a thirst for blood. He is supernatural. Superhuman, speed, strength, flight durability, hypnotism, accelerated healing.

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