Dress Like Ami Onuki

Ami Onuki Costume


How To Dress Like Ami Onuki From Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi

Ami Onuki Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi Halloween Costume

Dress like Ami Onuki from Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi;

Dress Like Ami Onuki Lens: #1 Ami pink lens.

Dress Like Ami Onuki Wig: #2 hot pink wig fluffy wavy heat resistant bangs wig.

Dress Like Ami Onuki Costume Hair Clip: #3 white daisy sweet flower side hair clip.

Dress Like Ami Onuki Costume Bracelets: #4 gemstone beaded stretch bracelet, #6 amazonite matte gemstone beaded stretch bracelet.

Dress Like Ami Onuki Dresses: #5 halter neck knitted bodycon sleeveless color block slim fit e-girl party club night out sweater mini dress, #7 metallic sleeveless high waist Halloween Christmas party disco holographic dress.

Dress Like Ami Onuki Costume Belt: #8 skinny dress belt.

Dress Like Ami Onuki Costume Boot: #9 white stacked heel slouchy knee-high boot.

Ami Onuki Halloween Costume

Ami Onuki Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi Cosplay

Ami is known for her girly-girl and goody-two-shoes persona. An optimist, Ami always sees the bright side of things and finds a solution to every situation she gets into. She loves rainbows, bunnies (cute animals), glitter, and anything else that is typically beautiful, which is the opposite of Yumi. who likes things that appeal to a wilder and unisex demographic.

She also cares a lot about how other people think and tries not to be selfish. This makes Ami willing to help and find solutions for everyone she cares about. However, on the other hand, she also hides her true thoughts and opinions to never disappoint others.

Ami Onuki Cosplay

Ami has apricot skin, pink eyes, and long pink hair that reaches her waist. She also partially ties her hair in a bun. She also usually wears a flower hair clip. She has black mascara.

Favoring 1960s pop music, she wears an orange, yellow, and bubblegum pink patterned go-go dress that has a white double-pointed collar, a white belt with a round buckle in the center, and a daisy hair clip on all of her hair, a silver and emerald green bracelet on her right wrist and an orange beaded bracelet on her left wrist, and white zippered knee-high go-go boots on her feet.

Ami wears a pink nightgown with sleeves and a flower in the middle.

As formal wear in "Opera Yumi", Ami wears a yellow traditional dress with yellow opera gloves, and yellow earrings, and has her hair tied in a bun.

Ami wears a pastel blue bikini with a yellow heart and olive-colored sandals. She already had a lime green ribbon with her floral designs, which was eaten by a shark in "Surf's Up" when she and Yumi got lost in the ocean because they were bad at surfing.

Ami wears a lavender ninja outfit with a lavender balaclava.

As a magician's assistant, she wears a pastel blue headband, a pastel blue swimsuit, and gold pumps.

She wore pigtails, a black long-sleeve shirt, a white flounced skirt, white socks, and black Mary Jane shoes.

She had more desaturated hair that was also more of a shade of red, two flowers (which were a darker shade of yellow) that shared the usual bun. a long-sleeved mulberry shirt with a cherry red button, a white collar and round puff sleeves over the long sleeves with white tips at the end, a dark cherry red tank top with a heart on it, long pink pants with a heart pattern and mulberry and cherry red boots. In some shots, she has ponytails instead, accompanied by golden pearls.

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