Angela Abar (Sister Night) Costume

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Watchmen Angela Abar Halloween Costume

Dress like Angela Abar aka Sister Night from Watchmen; Detective Angela Abar also known as Sister Night is a protagonist in HBO's Watchmen. She is the wife of Cal Abar and the adoptive mother of Topher Abar, Emma Abar and Rosie Doyle.
Angela Abar is an African-American policewoman. Independent and intelligent, she is also a realist. She is married to Cal, with whom she has a daughter and who both protect very well.

Sister Night Halloween Costume

In order to look like Angela Abar from HBO's Watchmen, you need white turtle neck top, black hooded cloak, black mask and wide black belt. To complete your Angela Abar costume don't forget to get a long rosary and sheriff badge.

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