BoJack Horseman Costume

BoJack Horseman Outfit

BoJack F. Horseman is the title character of BoJack Horseman. The show follows BoJack and his life after his successful sitcom from the 90s, Horsin 'Around.

BoJack is often grumpy and irritable, with little patience for many around him (especially Mr. Peanutbutter or Todd), who pay much attention to BoJack, but are constantly offended and looked down on by BoJack's very bitter nature.

BoJack Horseman Costume

Dress Like BoJack From BoJack Horseman

BoJack is an adult, male, thoroughbred cross horse weighing over 1,200 pounds as shown in the pilot episode.

He is about 6'7 "feet (15.2 hands on the withers, 19.75 on the ears) tall and has a fat belly.

He has brown fur and a black mane with a white snippet on his snout, which begins at the upper lip and ends under the eyes, a white diamond-shaped spot on the forehead and pockets under the eyes. He also has a pink spot on his nose and pointed ears near his mane.

Although BoJack is a horse, he is shaped like other animals in the BoJack Horseman series with human feet and hands and has no tail.

BoJack usually wears an unbuttoned gray sports jacket with a blue pullover underneath, cyan blue jeans, and red and white sneakers with white socks.

In his twenties to early thirties he was much slimmer and had a thicker mane that looked a bit like a mullet. His coat also looked lighter.

On Horsin 'Around he wore an orange pullover with pink apples in the middle, a pink collar and cuffs, and light blue jeans and red and white sneakers.

In the 1980s he wore a gray shirt with a collar and a white checked pattern with a white tie, a light blue open jacket, light blue jeans with a white belt and red and white sneakers.

As a child, he wore a blue and white sailor suit and had small visible eyelashes.

He is seen as a teenager / older child at the beginning of Free Churro. He wears a football uniform and looks clearly chubby.

As a teenager, he had a similar hairstyle to his young adult and pimple.

In 1999 he was briefly seen in Time's Arrow at the age of thirty-five. He looks almost exactly as he currently does, although he has no wrinkles and his mane is usually even thicker.

In the fifth season in which he shoots Philbert, he wears his costume for the show more frequently during the season. He wears a beige trench coat over a gray collared shirt, a dark gray tie, dark gray trousers with a black belt and a police badge, and black shoes.

The Face of Depression, Season 6, announces that BoJack has been dyeing his hair for several years, and he lets Sharona cut it into a shorter gray style. He also gets a new outfit, which consists of an olive green jacket with darker green, a light blue shirt with buttons and gray jeans. He keeps his red and white sneakers from his original clothes.

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