Dress Like Fontaine

Are you ready to step into the shoes of Fontaine, the captivating character from "They Cloned Tyrone"? If you want to embody the essence of this intriguing individual at your Halloween event, look no further. In this Fontaine Halloween costume guide, we'll show you how to dress like the enigmatic Fontaine, ensuring you make a lasting impression.

Fontaine Costume


You will need the following items for your dress like Fontaine Halloween costume:

Dress Like Fontaine

In the upcoming movie "They Cloned Tyrone," John Boyega takes on the captivating role of Fontaine, a character that embodies both style and mystery. Fontaine's distinctive look can be easily recreated with a combination of key costume items. To start, grab a fake beard and afro wig, which instantly transforms Boyega's appearance into a charismatic and enigmatic figure. Moving on to the clothing, Fontaine's style is effortlessly cool and urban. Begin with a pair of tapered 3-stripe pants, a trendy choice that adds a modern edge to the ensemble. Top it off with a hooded sweatshirt layered under an outdoor jacket for a casual yet fashionable appeal. Opt for a pair of Nike shoes, as Fontaine exudes an athletic vibe, and these sneakers perfectly complement his urban aesthetic. To complete the look, don't forget the bomber jacket. This iconic piece adds an air of confidence and sophistication to Fontaine's character. With these costume items combined, you'll be channeling the spirit of Fontaine and capturing the essence of John Boyega's portrayal in "They Cloned Tyrone." Get ready to embrace the mystery and charm of this captivating character!

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How To Dress Like Fontaine From They Cloned Tyrone

Fontaine They Cloned Tyrone Halloween Costume

Dress like Fontaine from They Cloned Tyrone;

Step 1: The Hair and Facial Hair

To kickstart your Fontaine transformation, don an afro wig that mimics his iconic hairstyle. It instantly captures his unique urban appeal. Complement your hair with a well-groomed fake beard, adding an extra touch of authenticity to your costume.

Step 2: The Stylish Ensemble

Fontaine's fashion sense exudes confidence and street style. Start by wearing tapered 3-stripes pants, a staple in his wardrobe that brings urban cool to your costume. Pair them with a comfortable hooded sweatshirt, which adds a touch of casual flair. To elevate your look, layer with an outdoor jacket or a sleek bomber jacket, depending on your desired style.

Step 3: The Finishing Touch - Footwear

Complete your Fontaine costume with a pair of fashionable Nike shoes. Opt for a design that aligns with Fontaine's urban aesthetic, whether it's a classic sneaker or a modern silhouette. The right footwear will enhance your overall look and exude Fontaine's confident stride.

Step 4: Channel Fontaine's Attitude

To truly embody Fontaine, it's essential to embrace his attitude and mannerisms. Portray his stoic personality by exuding confidence and commanding attention. Remember that Fontaine doesn't tolerate disrespect, so carry yourself with authority and self-assuredness throughout the Halloween party.

Fontaine Cosplay

Step 1: Confidence is Key

Embody Fontaine's unwavering confidence by walking with purpose and maintaining a calm demeanor. embrace his fearless nature as you interact with others.

Step 2: Command Respect

Just like Fontaine, don't tolerate any nonsense. Assert yourself and demand respect in your interactions with others. Channel his no-nonsense attitude and stay true to his character throughout the party.

Step 3: Embrace Individuality

Fontaine is an individual through and through. Embrace your unique qualities and express them confidently. Avoid conforming to societal norms and instead, celebrate your own authentic self.

Step 4: Quick Reflexes

Fontaine's character is known for his sharp reflexes. Stay alert and maintain a keen awareness of your surroundings. React swiftly and decisively when necessary, just like Fontaine would.

Step 5: Maintain Mystery

Fontaine's enigmatic nature is part of his allure. Keep conversations intriguing and maintain an air of mystery. Embrace his ability to leave others wanting to know more.

About Fontaine

Fontaine They Cloned Tyrone Cosplay

Fontaine, the neighborhood hustler portrayed in "They Cloned Tyrone," captivates audiences with his enigmatic presence. He's unyielding and unafraid to draw his gun when faced with trouble. Sporting a gold grill and a stoic personality, Fontaine lives beneath his mother's room, mourning the loss of his brother Ronnie. His sharp reflexes make him a force to be reckoned with. Fontaine's character is defined by his refusal to tolerate any nonsense. He demands respect and doesn't hesitate to assert his authority. His intriguing persona and unique sense of style make him an unforgettable character to embody for Halloween. By capturing his essence, you'll bring a touch of mystery and intensity to your costume, ensuring you stand out from the crowd.

Fontaine Halloween Costume

By following this Fontaine Halloween costume guide, you'll effortlessly capture the essence of the neighborhood hustler from "They Cloned Tyrone." dressing like Fontaine goes beyond the physical appearance; it's about embodying his confidence, attitude, and individuality. So, go out there, be bold, and have an unforgettable Halloween celebration!

Fontaine Additional Tips:

Consider adding a gold grill to your costume to further emulate Fontaine's unique style.

  • Practice Fontaine's mannerisms, such as his calm and collected demeanor, to truly embody his character.

  • Incorporate Fontaine's backstory into your portrayal by subtly expressing his mourning for his brother Ronnie.

  • Pay attention to Fontaine's signature gestures or catchphrases to add an extra layer of authenticity to your portrayal.

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