Dress Like Greg Hirsch : Acting like Succession’s Character

If you're a fan of the hit TV series "Succession," you're likely familiar with the quirky and endearing character Greg Hirsch, portrayed by Nicholas Braun. Greg's distinctive style and unique personality make him an excellent choice for a Halloween costume that's sure to stand out. In this guide, we'll break down the key elements you need to transform into the loveable but slightly awkward Greg Hirsch.

Greg Hirsch Costume


You will need the following items for your Greg Hirsch costume:

  1. Classic Blazer
  2. Blue Dress Shirt
  3. Navy Stripe Striped Tie
  4. Green Jacket
  5. Brown Belt
  6. Khaki Pants
  7. Brown Round Sticky
  8. Loafers

The Greg Hirsch Costume Essentials:

  1. Classic Blazer: Start with a classic blazer. Greg often sports a well-fitted blazer that adds a touch of sophistication to his look.
  2. Blue Dress Shirt: Underneath the blazer, wear a blue dress shirt. Make sure it's neatly pressed for that Greg Hirsch level of tidiness.
  3. Navy Stripe Striped Tie: Greg is known for his unique tie choices. Opt for a navy striped tie to capture his signature style.
  4. Green Jacket: To truly channel Greg's character, you'll need a green jacket. This piece adds a pop of color to the ensemble and reflects his eclectic taste.
  5. Brown Belt: A simple brown belt to cinch your khaki pants is a must. Greg's style is about the right balance of classic and quirky.
  6. Khaki Pants: Complete the lower half of your outfit with a pair of khaki pants. They're versatile and fit Greg's semi-casual look.
  7. Brown Round Sticky Loafers: For footwear, opt for brown round-toed sticky loafers. Greg's shoe choices tend to be comfortable yet stylish.

How To Dress Like Greg Hirsch from Succession

Greg Hirsch Cosplay Succession

A 5-Step Transformation Guide

Step 1: The Classic Blazer

Greg's style is all about striking the right balance between classic and quirky. Start with a well-fitted classic blazer. It's the foundation of his look and adds a touch of sophistication.

Step 2: The Blue Dress Shirt

Underneath the blazer, wear a neatly pressed blue dress shirt. Greg is known for his impeccable tidiness, so make sure your shirt is crisp and well-presented.

Step 3: The Navy Stripe Striped Tie

One of Greg's signature style elements is his choice of ties. Opt for a navy stripe striped tie to capture his unique fashion sense. It's a subtle but defining accessory.

Step 4: The Green Jacket

To truly channel Greg's character, you'll need a green jacket. This piece adds a pop of color to the ensemble and reflects his eclectic taste in fashion.

Step 5: The Khaki Pants and Brown Loafers

Complete the lower half of your outfit with khaki pants. They strike the right balance between casual and semi-formal. Finish the look with brown round sticky loafers – a comfortable yet stylish choice that mirrors Greg's footwear preferences.

With these five steps, you'll not only look like Greg Hirsch but also capture his distinctive style. Greg's character is a delightful blend of charm, awkwardness, and humor. Embrace his unique personality, engage in witty conversations, and have fun embodying this beloved "Succession" character. Whether it's for Halloween or a themed event, your transformation into Greg Hirsch will undoubtedly be a memorable one.

Greg Hirsch Cosplay

Greg Hirsch Halloween Costume Succession

A 5-Step Guide for Halloween Parties

Dressing like Greg Hirsch is just the beginning; to truly become him at a Halloween party, you'll want to embrace his distinct personality and quirks. Greg, the endearing character from "Succession," is known for his unique charm and slightly awkward demeanor. Here's a 5-step guide to help you act like Greg Hirsch and make your transformation complete:

Step 1: Awkward but Endearing Conversations

Greg's charm lies in his awkward but endearing conversations. Embrace his unique style of talking – a mix of politeness, quirkiness, and offbeat humor. Engage in conversations with partygoers and don't be afraid to add a touch of Greg's peculiar charm to your interactions.

Step 2: Expressive Body Language

Greg's character often uses expressive body language to convey his thoughts and feelings. Use your hands and facial expressions to emphasize your points during conversations. Greg's physicality is a big part of his charm.

Step 3: Impeccable Politeness

One of Greg's defining traits is his impeccable politeness. Be unfailingly polite to everyone you meet at the party. Say "please" and "thank you" liberally, just as Greg would. His courteousness is a hallmark of his character.

Step 4: Embrace Greg's Quirks

Greg is known for his quirks, such as his unique laugh and his penchant for avoiding confrontations. Embrace these quirks and incorporate them into your portrayal. Don't take yourself too seriously; let Greg's charming awkwardness shine through.

Step 5: Engage with Enthusiasm

Greg approaches life with enthusiasm, even when he's in slightly uncomfortable situations. Emulate his eagerness to be part of the party, engage in activities, and show genuine interest in the festivities. Your enthusiasm will be infectious, just like Greg's.

By following these five steps, you'll not only look like Greg Hirsch but also act the part with authenticity. Greg's character is a delightful blend of eccentricity and charm, and by embodying his personality, you'll leave a lasting impression at any Halloween party. So, step into Greg's shoes (perhaps a bit awkwardly), and enjoy becoming the standout guest of the evening!

About Greg Hirsech

Greg Hirsch, brought to life by Nicholas Braun in the hit TV series "Succession," is a character that's impossible not to love. He's the cousin of the wealthy and powerful Roy family, and his unique quirks make him a standout in the world of corporate intrigue and high-stakes power plays.

Greg's physical appearance is as distinctive as his personality. He's often seen sporting a well-fitted classic blazer, a neatly pressed blue dress shirt, and a tie that reflects his individual style. His fashion sense strikes a balance between classic and quirky, and it's a visual representation of his character.

But what truly sets Greg apart is his personality. He's the embodiment of awkward charm and politeness. Greg's conversations are a delightful mix of offbeat humor and polite expressions, making him the lovable oddball of the series. His expressive body language and unique laugh add to his endearing nature.

Greg's impeccable politeness is both a strength and a weakness. While it often helps him navigate the complex dynamics of the Roy family, it can also make him a target for manipulation. Yet, despite the challenges he faces, Greg remains enthusiastic and eager to be part of the action.

In a world where power and ruthlessness rule, Greg's character is a breath of fresh air. He's the everyday person trying to find his place in a cutthroat environment, and his journey resonates with many viewers. Whether he's navigating family drama, corporate schemes, or social gatherings, Greg's quirks and charm make him a standout character in "Succession."

So, whether you're dressing up as Greg for a themed event or simply appreciating his character on the screen, remember that his unique blend of awkwardness and enthusiasm is what makes him truly unforgettable.

Greg Hirsch Halloween Costume

Capturing Greg Hirsch's Quirky Magic

Becoming Greg Hirsch, the lovable oddball from "Succession," is not just about donning his signature attire. It's about embracing his quirks, his unique charm, and his distinctive personality. Here are some additional tips to help you capture the essence of Greg Hirsch:

1. Study Greg's Expressions: Pay close attention to Nicholas Braun's portrayal of Greg. Watch episodes of "Succession" to understand how he uses expressions, body language, and that unmistakable laugh to bring Greg to life.

2. Politeness is Key: Greg's polite demeanor is central to his character. Practice impeccable politeness in your interactions at the Halloween party. Say "please" and "thank you" generously, just as Greg would.

3. Engage with Everyone: Greg's eagerness to engage with others, even in awkward situations, is one of his endearing traits. Make an effort to chat with everyone at the party, showing genuine interest in their conversations.

4. Embrace the Awkwardness: Don't shy away from Greg's awkwardness. It's what makes him unique and charming. If you find yourself in a slightly uncomfortable situation, channel Greg's enthusiastic but slightly offbeat reactions.

5. Be Enthusiastic: Greg approaches life with enthusiasm, whether it's about attending a corporate event or just being part of the family. Infuse your interactions with enthusiasm, and let your excitement be contagious.

By following these additional tips and fully embracing the quirks and charm of Greg Hirsch, you'll not only look the part but also become the life of the party. Greg's character reminds us that it's okay to be a little eccentric and that politeness and enthusiasm can go a long way. So, go forth, channel your inner Greg, and enjoy a Halloween party filled with memorable interactions and lots of laughter.

Greg Hirsch Costume FAQs

FAQ 1: What are some iconic Greg Hirsch quotes to use at the Halloween party?

While Greg Hirsch has many memorable lines in "Succession," some iconic quotes to use at the party include: "I'm really glad you came," "Would you like a stress ball?" and "I can sing. Not well, but I can." These lines capture his awkward yet endearing personality.

FAQ 2: Can I add my own unique twist to the Greg Hirsch costume?

Absolutely! While the key elements of Greg's costume are important, you can definitely add your own unique touches. Consider incorporating a prop that represents Greg's stint at amusement parks, or use memorable lines from the show in your conversations.

FAQ 3: How can I perfect Greg's unique laugh?

Greg's laugh is part of his charm. Practice his laugh by watching clips of the show and imitating it. Remember, it's okay to be a bit offbeat with it; that's what makes it distinctive.


In conclusion, becoming Greg Hirsch from "Succession" is not just about the costume; it's about embodying his quirky and endearing personality. With the right attire, polite demeanor, and a touch of Greg's enthusiasm, you can transform into this lovable character and leave a lasting impression at your Halloween party.

Remember to study his expressions, embrace the awkwardness, and engage with everyone with genuine interest. Greg's character is a reminder that being polite and enthusiastic can make you the life of the party, even in the most awkward situations.

So, put on that classic blazer, wear the blue dress shirt, and don't forget the navy stripe striped tie. Slip into the green jacket, cinch it with a brown belt, and pair it with khaki pants and brown loafers. But most importantly, wear Greg's unique charm and embrace the quirks that make him unforgettable.

As you navigate the Halloween party in true Greg Hirsch style, you'll not only have a memorable costume but also create memorable interactions with your fellow partygoers. Enjoy the magic of becoming this standout character, and remember, "I'm really glad you came!"

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