Dress Like Holga Kilgore

Are you ready to embark on a thrilling Halloween adventure? Get ready to channel your inner warrior with a Holga Kilgore costume from Dungeons and Dragons: Among Thieves! Holga Kilgore is a fearless and powerful character known for her combat skills and determination. In this costume guide, we'll provide you with all the essential items you need to create an authentic Holga Kilgore Halloween costume.

Holga Kilgore Costume


You will need the following items for your Holga Kilgore Halloween Costume:

  1. Brown Leather Corset
  2. Black Braid Wig
  3. Brown Skinny Jeans
  4. Viking Necklace
  5. Tassels Chain Belt
  6. Axe
  7. Brown Shoulder Armors
  8. Black Half Finger Gloves
  9. Medieval Leather Arm Guard
  10. Warrior Temporary Tattoo
  11. Faux Fur Fabric Pieces
  12. Brown Knee High Snow Winter Boots

Introducing Holga Kilgore from Dungeons and Dragons: Among Thieves! If you're a fan of this fierce and cunning character and want to embody her spirit this Halloween, we've got you covered. Here's a comprehensive costume guide to help you bring Holga Kilgore to life.

Remember to embody Holga's confidence, resourcefulness, and quick wit as you bring her character to life. Happy Halloween and may your adventures be thrilling and rewarding!


How To dress Like Holga Kilgore from Dungeons and Dragons: Among Thieves!

Holga Kilgore Cosplay Costume Dungeons and Dragons Honor Among Thieves
  1. Brown Leather Corset: Start your Holga Kilgore costume with a brown leather corset to capture her rugged and adventurous style.
  2. Black Braid Wig: Emulate Holga's distinctive look with a black braid wig. Make sure to secure it properly for a realistic and comfortable fit.
  3. Brown Skinny Jeans: Pair your corset with a pair of brown skinny jeans to complete the rugged yet stylish ensemble.
  4. Viking Necklace: Add a touch of Viking-inspired jewelry to your costume with a statement necklace that reflects Holga's warrior spirit.
  5. Tassels Chain Belt: Enhance your outfit with a tassels chain belt, reminiscent of the adventurous lifestyle of a skilled thief.
  6. Axe: No Holga Kilgore costume is complete without her trusty axe. Find a lightweight and safe prop axe to carry with you on your Halloween adventures.
  7. Brown Shoulder Armors: Capture Holga's warrior essence with brown shoulder armors. Look for comfortable and adjustable options that fit your costume.
  8. Black Half Finger Gloves: Wear black half finger gloves to add an extra edge to your Holga Kilgore ensemble.
  9. Medieval Leather Arm Guard: Protect yourself in style with a medieval leather arm guard, completing the look of a seasoned adventurer.
  10. Warrior Temporary Tattoo: Adorn yourself with a warrior-themed temporary tattoo to showcase your dedication to the character of Holga Kilgore.
  11. Faux Fur Fabric Pieces: For added flair and a touch of wilderness, incorporate faux fur fabric pieces into your costume, such as a fur collar or accents on your clothing.
  12. Brown Knee High Snow Winter Boots: Finish off your Holga Kilgore look with a pair of brown knee-high snow winter boots. These will not only keep you comfortable but also enhance the rugged and adventurous vibe of your costume.


Holga Kilgore Halloween Costume

Holga Kilgore Halloween Costume Dungeons and Dragons Honor Among Thieves

To fully embody the character of Holga Kilgore for Halloween, here are some tips on how to act like her:

  • Confidence: Holga Kilgore exudes confidence in her abilities as a skilled thief. Walk tall and carry yourself with self-assurance, showcasing her bold and daring nature.
  • Resourcefulness: Holga is known for her resourcefulness and quick thinking. Think on your feet and be ready to adapt to different situations, just like Holga would.
  • Stealth: As a thief, Holga is adept at being stealthy and silent. Practice moving quietly and smoothly, and try to maintain an air of mystery as you navigate your Halloween festivities.
  • Sharp Wit: Holga Kilgore has a sharp wit and a clever tongue. Embrace her quick comebacks and humorous banter to add depth to your portrayal of the character.
  • Adventurous Spirit: Holga is always up for an adventure. Embrace a sense of adventure and curiosity as you interact with others and explore the Halloween festivities.
  • Observant: Pay attention to your surroundings, just like Holga would. Notice small details and use them to your advantage, whether it's in conversations or during Halloween activities.
  • Skilled with Weapons: Holga is skilled in combat and handles weapons with precision. If you have any prop weapons as part of your costume, practice handling them safely and convincingly.
  • Loyalty: While Holga may be a thief, she also has a strong sense of loyalty to her allies. Show loyalty and camaraderie towards your friends and family members who may be part of your Halloween group.
  • Stay in Character: Throughout your Halloween celebration, stay true to the character of Holga Kilgore. Maintain her mannerisms, speech patterns, and overall demeanor to create a more immersive experience.

Remember, acting like Holga Kilgore is about embracing her characteristics and bringing her personality to life. Have fun, stay true to the character, and enjoy your Halloween adventure as the daring and resourceful Holga Kilgore!

About Holga Kilgore

Holga Kilgore is a captivating character from Dungeons and Dragons: Among Thieves. She's renowned for her exceptional combat skills, determination, and unwavering courage. Holga is a fierce warrior, a skilled thief, and a charismatic leader all rolled into one. With her brown leather corset, black braid wig, and brown skinny jeans, she embodies a rugged yet stylish look that befits a seasoned adventurer.

Holga Kilgore is more than just her appearance; she possesses a strong personality that sets her apart. She exudes confidence and resourcefulness, traits that serve her well in the dangerous world she inhabits. Holga is a master of stealth, capable of moving silently and unnoticed. Her sharp wit and quick thinking are her greatest assets, making her a formidable adversary.

Despite her rogue-like qualities, Holga Kilgore is known for her loyalty to her allies. She forms deep bonds and values camaraderie, making her a character with both strength and heart. As you don her costume this Halloween, remember to embrace the multifaceted persona of Holga Kilgore, from her fearless warrior spirit to her quick humor and unwavering loyalty.

Holga Kilgore Halloween Costume

Additional Tips

  1. Practice Your Axe Handling: If your Holga Kilgore costume includes an axe prop, practice handling it safely and convincingly. This will add authenticity to your character and ensure you're comfortable with your costume accessories.
  2. Stay in Character: Throughout your Halloween celebration, stay true to the character of Holga Kilgore. Pay attention to your actions, reactions, and interactions, ensuring they align with her personality and traits. This will make your portrayal more immersive and enjoyable for you and others.
  3. Share Your Adventure: Engage with fellow partygoers by sharing stories of your thrilling adventures as Holga Kilgore. Encourage conversations about your character's experiences and embrace her captivating narrative.
  4. Customize Your Costume: Add personal touches to your Holga Kilgore costume to make it unique. Consider distressing your jeans or adding additional faux fur fabric pieces to create a one-of-a-kind look.
  5. Be Adventurous: Embrace a sense of adventure and curiosity as you navigate your Halloween festivities. Approach games, activities, and conversations with the same enthusiasm that Holga Kilgore brings to her quests.

Group Costume Ideas Alongside Holga Kilgore

For a truly immersive Halloween experience, encourage your friends and family to join in the fun by adopting characters from Dungeons and Dragons: Among Thieves. Here are some ideas:

  • Lord Forge Fitzwilliam: Invite a friend to portray this charismatic thief and leader of the adventurers. Complete the look with a stylish rogue outfit, a cloak, and perhaps a lock-picking set.
  • Sofina: For a touch of dark magic, have someone dress up as Sofina, the mysterious and sinister villain known for her necromantic powers. This character requires pale makeup, dark clothing, and spooky props like a skull or a book of dark magic.
  • Doric: Embark on your Halloween adventure with a friend dressed as Doric, the brave and strong warrior who accompanies the group. This character calls for medieval-inspired armor, a sword or axe, and a fierce and determined attitude.

These group costume ideas allow everyone to embrace their favorite characters and create a cohesive and exciting Halloween experience inspired by Dungeons and Dragons: Among Thieves.

Holga Kilgore Costume FAQs

Q1: Where can I find a Holga Kilgore costume? A1: You can assemble your Holga Kilgore costume by purchasing individual items, such as the brown leather corset, black braid wig, and Viking necklace, from costume shops, online retailers, or thrift stores. This allows you to customize your costume to your liking.

Q2: How can I make my black braid wig look more authentic? A2: To achieve a more authentic look for your black braid wig, consider adding some loose strands or braids to create a disheveled appearance, reflecting Holga Kilgore's rugged lifestyle. Use hair gel or hairspray to secure the strands in place.

Q3: Are there any safety precautions for carrying a prop axe with my costume? A3: Safety is crucial when carrying prop weapons like an axe. Ensure that the axe is lightweight and made of safe materials. Be mindful of your surroundings and avoid swinging it recklessly. Consider securing it to your costume to prevent accidents.


As you don your Holga Kilgore costume and immerse yourself in the world of Dungeons and Dragons: Among Thieves, remember that Halloween is a time for adventure, creativity, and fun. Embrace Holga Kilgore's fierce spirit, quick wit, and unwavering loyalty as you embark on your own thrilling Halloween journey. Share tales of your escapades, engage with fellow partygoers, and revel in the magic of this exciting holiday.

We hope this comprehensive Holga Kilgore costume guide has provided you with the inspiration and information you need to make your Halloween celebration truly memorable. May your Halloween be filled with exciting quests, daring adventures, and unforgettable moments. Happy Halloween, brave adventurers!


Dungeons and Dragons: Among Thieves! Cosplay

If you're planning to dress up as Holga Kilgore from Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves for Halloween, here are some other horror characters that your friends and family can consider for a group costume:

  1. Lord Forge Fitzwilliam: Lord Forge Fitzwilliam is a charming thief and leader of the group of adventurers in the movie. Your friend can dress up as him, complete with a stylish thief's outfit, a cloak, and perhaps a prop like a lock-picking set or a treasure chest.
  2. Sofina Costume Guide: Sofina is a mysterious and sinister villain in the movie, known for her necromantic powers. Another friend can dress up as her, with pale makeup, dark clothing, and perhaps some spooky props like a skull or a book of dark magic.
  3. Doric Costume Guide: Doric is a brave and strong warrior who accompanies the group on their quest. A family member or friend can embody Doric by wearing medieval-inspired armor, carrying a sword or axe, and showcasing a fierce and determined attitude.
  4. Thelonius: Thelonius is a wise and knowledgeable wizard who aids the group with his magical abilities. Someone in your group can dress up as Thelonius, wearing robes, carrying a staff or wand, and adopting a wise and mystical demeanor.
  5. Selene Nightshade: Selene Nightshade is a stealthy and cunning rogue who adds a touch of mystery to the group. Another friend can dress up as Selene, wearing dark clothing, carrying throwing knives or daggers, and displaying stealthy movements.
  6. Vincent Blackthorn: Vincent Blackthorn is a brooding and enigmatic vampire who occasionally assists the group. A family member or friend can embrace the vampire theme, dressing in elegant Victorian attire, with pale makeup, fangs, and a mysterious aura.
  7. Lucian Shadowborn: Lucian Shadowborn is a haunted and tortured soul, cursed with dark powers. Someone in your group can take on this character, dressing in tattered clothing, applying ghostly makeup, and embodying a tormented demeanor.
  8. Ravenna Bloodrose: Ravenna Bloodrose is a seductive and dangerous vampire queen who seeks ultimate power. Another friend can dress up as Ravenna, wearing an elegant and alluring vampire costume, with elaborate makeup and accessories.
  9. Magnus Blackthorn: Magnus Blackthorn is a formidable werewolf with incredible strength. A family member or friend can portray Magnus, wearing torn and ragged clothing, applying werewolf makeup, and embodying a wild and powerful presence.
  10. Selene Darkwood: Selene Darkwood is a mysterious witch with a penchant for dark magic. Someone in your group can dress up as Selene, wearing witch's robes, carrying a broomstick or a cauldron, and casting spells with a theatrical flair.

With these horror-themed characters, you and your group can create an immersive and thrilling Halloween experience. Each character brings a unique element to the group, allowing everyone to showcase their creativity and embrace the spirit of adventure and darkness. Have a fantastic Halloween filled with chills and excitement!

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