Dress Like James

Dress Like James From The End Of The F World


You will need the following items for your James from The End of the F***cking World outfit:

  1.  Hawaiin Shirt
  2. Blue Jeans
  3. Pocket Knife
  4. White Crew Socks
  5. James Black Sneakers
James and Alyysa Costume

James and Alyssa Costume

Alyssa, bored and skeptical of ordinary people, aims to make James, an outcast, her new boyfriend.

James asks Alyssa about a date and they go to dinner, but it fails because she insults the waiter.

TEOTFW James Outfit

James is a 17-year-old man and one of the main characters in The End of the F *** ing World. He currently dates Alyssa and is the son of Phil and Vanessa. He lives with his father and identifies himself as a psychopath. James has a lingering fantasy of beating his father. One day he meets Alyssa and they embark on an adventure that will change the rest of their lives.

James and Alyssa

TEOTFW James Costume

Dress Like James From TEOTFW

Dress like James; when James and Alyssa got theirselves in trouble they got some new clothes to disguise themselves. James' disguise costume consists of a floral red hawaain shirt, regular fit jeans that is too loose for James, white crew socks and a pair of black sneakers. To comple your James look don't forget to get a small hunting knife.

About James and Alyssa

James meets Alyssa at school for lunch. Alyssa approaches him because he is "different" in her eyes and James will kill her soon. To do this, he pretends to fall in love with her to keep her close to him. He offers to take her to a café for a date, which was immediately ruined when Alyssa started scolding the waitress and throwing her out. After that, she suggests they both go to James' house.

He accepts and sees a possible murder opportunity. In James he tells Alyssa that his mother lived in Japan. His father congratulates James on his girlfriend, claiming he always thought his son was gay. Although he soon makes up for the fact that it is not wrong to be gay, he still annoys Alyssa.

Finally she goes and says she will return the next day at 11 o'clock. James describes her as a nymphomaniac. The next day he prepares to kill Alyssa, who turns up too late and suggests running away. James agrees and fulfills his lifelong dream of slapping his father in the face before stealing his car. They travel to England for a while until they injure the car they are hitchhiking. An old army veteran picks her up and takes her to a café.

Although James says he is fine, Alyssa does not like him and he feels that she has his last nerve. In the bathroom of this cafe, the veterinarian tries to take advantage of James, who admits it for unknown reasons, although he did not want it. Alyssa "rescues" him at this time and extorts the vet and brings them some money. They spend the night in an inn where James intended to kill Alyssa, which he did not do after he heard her crying in the bathroom.

Then they cuddle for a while, until they leave the inn the next day. Eventually, they find a home that they believe is uninhabited or abandoned and break into it. They make a mess and dance for a while, where James thinks he could really fall in love with Alyssa. When Alyssa wants to give James a blowjob, he tells her to stop and she leaves.

James returns with another man, with whom she finally can not have sex, and decides that he will kill her.

When she sends the man away, he waits outside her room for her to fall asleep. He said he did not know if he wanted to kill her or hold her hand. He wants to take her hand when the owner of the house, Clive Koch, comes back. He tries to assassinate and rape Alyssa. James tries to protect Alyssa and save him, kicks him by the neck and kills him. At this point he decides that he is not a psychopath. They decide to hide evidence, remove it, and unknowingly leave behind evidence related to the crime. James and Alyssa have split up for a while, Alyssa is scared of him, but eventually they get together again and James turns a car so they can find Alyssa's father Leslie.

At this point, it is clear that they are both in love with each other and get along well. James says he needs Alyssa, whether he likes it or not. After finding Alyssa's father, James gets bad mood from him and seems to be suspicious of him. After an incident at a bar and Leslie's attempt to arrest her as a reward for the police, James picks up the phone Leslie set up and confesses to having murdered Clive to prevent Alyssa from being arrested.

They reject Eunice's help when they realize that they would go to separate prisons and go to the beach to try to flee Leslie's boat. James realizes that he has no time to intervene because of police intervention and asks Alyssa to let them know that he has done everything. She then refuses, trying to get him together, claiming that there is still time.

James realizes that Alyssa will not move and apologizes before slamming herself on the head with the butt of the gun so she will not follow him to protect her while he walks on and is not sure where to go. We see that James is probably shot just seconds later.


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