Dress Like Lupin

Are you ready to step into the world of elegance, intrigue, and mystery this Halloween? Look no further than the Lupin Halloween costume guide! Dress like Lupin, the enigmatic character from the hit series, and captivate everyone with your style and charisma. Lupin's outfits are not just clothing; they are a statement of confidence, daring, and ingenuity. So, if you're ready to make a grand entrance at your Halloween party, read on to discover how to channel your inner Assane and become the life of the soiree.

Lupin Costume


You will need the following items for your dress like Lupin Halloween costume:

Dress Like Lupin

If you're aiming to channel the suave and cunning Assane Diop as portrayed by Omar Sy in the Lupin TV series, then you've got a thrilling costume choice ahead. Start with that distinctive newsboy hat. Layer up in an oversized notched long wool blend trench coat for that perfect blend of mystery. And of course, don't forget to step into the modern world with Nike sneakers, ensuring you're ready to make a quick getaway. Add Nike sportswear pants for a sporty twist and choose between a soccer track jacket for a sleek look or a PUMA track jacket for that extra edge. With this ensemble, you'll have the charm, confidence, and intrigue of Assane Diop, making it a Halloween costume to remember.

Arsene Lupin 1971-74 Outfits

How To Dress Like Lupin

Lupin Halloween Costume

Dress like Lupin;

Step 1: The Signature Newsboy Hat

Start your transformation with the iconic newsboy hat. It's a key element of Lupin's look that adds a touch of vintage charm and mystery to your outfit.

Step 2: The Oversized Notched Long Wool Blend Trench Coat

Lupin is known for his impeccable style, and his oversized trench coat is a must-have. This long wool blend coat exudes sophistication and sets the stage for your Lupin-inspired ensemble.

Step 3: Nike Sneakers

For a modern twist, pair your classic Lupin attire with Nike sneakers. They provide comfort and style, allowing you to move gracefully through the night.

Step 4: Nike Sportswear Pant

Layer your trench coat with a sportswear pant to add a sporty element to your look. Lupin seamlessly combines elegance with practicality.

Step 5: The Soccer Track Jacket or PUMA Track Jacket

Complete your Lupin Halloween costume with either Soccer Track Jacket for a sleek look or a PUMA track jacket for a sporty touch. The choice is yours, as Lupin's versatility knows no bounds.

Lupin Cosplay

Step 1: Confidence is Key

Channel Assane's confidence. Walk with purpose and maintain eye contact. Lupin always knows he's the smartest person in the room.

Step 2: Embrace Ingenuity

Like Assane, be quick-witted and adaptable. Be ready to improvise and make the most of unexpected situations.

Step 3: Use the Element of Surprise

Surprise your friends with your Lupin-inspired antics. Keep them guessing and always have a trick up your sleeve.

Step 4: Master the Art of Disguise

As Lupin does, change your persona and demeanor effortlessly. Be a chameleon, blending into any situation.

Step 5: Maintain a Vengeful Streak

While staying in character, show a hint of determination and a willingness to stand up for what's right. Lupin's vengeful side is never too far from the surface.

About Lupin Assane Diop

Lupin Cosplay

Assane is a captivating character with a complex personality. He's confident, daring, and ingenious. Assane is a master of improvisation and uses surprise to confound his adversaries. His charisma and wit draw people to him, and he's skilled in sleight-of-hand and disguise.

Assane's devotion to Arsène Lupin and his showmanship make him a formidable opponent for both Hubert Pellegrini and the French law enforcement. He's a gentleman with an aggressive side when needed, always ready to protect his loved ones.

Assane's actions may seem morally dubious at times, but he believes the ends justify the means. He's a complex character who uses his intelligence and charm to manipulate those around him.

Lupin Halloween Costume

Incorporating Lupin's style and charisma into your Halloween costume is a surefire way to stand out at any party. With the right attire and attitude, you can embody Assane's confidence and ingenuity, leaving a lasting impression on everyone you meet.

Lupin Additional Tips:

Assane's chaotic lifestyle and relentless pursuit of his goals often strain his relationships. If you're dressing up as Lupin, remember to balance your Lupin persona with your real-life commitments. Family is essential to Assane, and it's important to find a way to provide both excitement and stability.

Also, don't forget to share your Lupin obsession with fellow fans of the series. Collect Arsène Lupin books and memorabilia, and embrace your love for the character. Fill your home with Lupin-inspired trinkets, costumes, and a variety of Air Jordans to complete the look.

And when it comes to music, indulge in Motown and soul records from the 1960s and 1970s, just like Assane. Let the music set the mood for your Lupin-inspired adventures. With these additional tips, you'll truly become the embodiment of Assane and Arsène Lupin this Halloween.

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