Dress Like Max Black

Looking for a Halloween costume that's as sassy and iconic as Max Black from the hit TV series 2 Broke Girls? Say no more! Get ready to channel your inner Max Black and rock her unforgettable style with our step-by-step costume guide. Whether you're a fan of her witty remarks or her unique fashion sense, we've got you covered with everything you need to know to nail the perfect dress like Max Black Halloween look.

Max Black Costume


You will need the following items for your dress like Max Black Halloween costume:

Dress Like Max Black

When it comes to iconic TV characters, Max Black from the hit series 2 Broke Girls, portrayed by the talented Kat Dennings, stands out for her edgy style and razor-sharp wit. To truly embody the essence of Max Black, you need the right elements to create a show-stopping costume.

Start by slipping into her signature Max Black uniform, complete with the statement band ring and wood pencil tucked behind the ear. Adorn yourself with the Max turquoise ring, Max Black necklace, and the 2 Broke Girls bracelet for an extra touch of authenticity. Don't forget the subtle yet essential accessories like the custom engraved name tag and guest checkbook – Max's life revolves around her waitressing job, after all. Top off your transformation with the Max Black wig and lenses that capture her striking blue-eyed gaze.

Apply a touch of matte lipstick, a heart earring, and a safety pin brooch to show off her unique personality. For the final touch, slip into a pair of Max Black's favorite dark boots – the ones she's rarely seen without. And if you really want to embrace Max's style, consider adding a lace bra underneath, because every detail counts when channeling this quick-witted and sassy character.

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How To Dress Like Max Black From 2 Broke Girls

Max Black 2 Broke Girls Halloween Costume

Dress like Max Black from 2 Broke Girls;

Max Black's signature style is all about embracing the edgy, carefree vibe she exudes. Follow these five steps to create an authentic Max Black Halloween costume that's sure to turn heads:

Step 1: The Hair and Makeup

Start by donning a Max Black wig that captures her dark brown wavy hair. Emulate her bold blue eyes with Max Black lenses. Complete the look with dark red matte lipstick for that signature pout.

Step 2: Accessories that Pop

Add the finishing touches to your outfit with essential accessories. Adorn your fingers with the Max turquoise ring and the statement band ring. Layer on the Max Black necklace and the 2 Broke Girls bracelet for that extra flair.

Step 3: Work It in Uniform

Slip into Max's iconic uniform, complete with her custom engraved name tag and a guest checkbook. These details are crucial for nailing the look of a true diner waitress like Max.

Step 4: Make a Statement

Max's personality shines through in her unique style. Pin a safety pin brooch onto your uniform, and tuck a wood pencil behind your ear to add that subtle yet essential detail.

Step 5: The Footwear

Don't forget Max's trademark dark boots! These are a must to complete the look and fully embrace her edgy, casual style.

Max Black Cosplay

Step 1: Embrace Sarcasm

Max's witty remarks and sarcastic comebacks are a defining aspect of her character. Channel her quick wit and playful sarcasm throughout the party.

Step 2: Flaunt Confidence

Max's confident attitude is unmatched. Carry yourself with self-assuredness and let your inner Max Black shine.

Step 3: Exude Cynicism

Max's cynicism is part of her charm. Embrace her no-nonsense attitude and don't be afraid to share your candid opinions.

Step 4: Display Playfulness

Despite her tough exterior, Max knows how to have fun. Dance, joke, and enjoy the party with an unapologetically carefree spirit.

Step 5: Connect with Others

Max's guarded nature doesn't stop her from forming deep connections. Engage in witty banter and open up to fellow partygoers, just like Max would.

About Max Black

Max Black 2 Broke Girls Cosplay

Max Black's Character Traits

Max Black is a complex character known for her sarcasm, cynicism, and reluctance to show vulnerability. Her tough exterior is a defense mechanism against getting hurt. Max's street smarts, manipulation skills, and fearlessness make her a force to be reckoned with, while her casual approach to relationships adds depth to her character.

Max Black Halloween Costume

Dressing up as Max Black isn't just about the costume; it's about embracing her attitude and style. With the right outfit, makeup, and a touch of her signature humor, you'll be the life of the Halloween party, embodying the spirit of this unforgettable character.

Max Black Additional Tips:

For an extra touch of authenticity:

  • Mimic Max's habit of putting her hands on her hips for added flair.

  • Incorporate a lace bra underneath your uniform, a nod to her personal style.

  • Add a heart earring to capture Max's charm and charisma.

  • Choose dark colors, flannels, and graphic tees for her casual, everyday look.

  • Don't forget the Max Black boots to complete the ensemble and walk in her stylish shoes.

Now you're ready to rock the Max Black Halloween costume and bring her iconic personality to life at the party!

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