Dress Like May

If you're a fan of the popular video game "It Takes Two," then you know May, one of the main characters, is a fierce and adventurous young girl. With Halloween just around the corner, it's time to start thinking about your costume, and what better way to show off your love for this game than by dressing up as May? In this guide, we'll take you through everything you need to know to put together an amazing May costume, from her iconic yellow knit turtleneck sweater to her patchwork jeans and blue paper plates. Let's get started!

May Costume


You will need the following items for your dress like May Halloween Costume:

  1. Yellow Knit Turtleneck Sweater
  2. Long Wavy Wig
  3. Patchwork Jeans
  4. Classic Round Framed Glasses
  5. Blue Paper Plates
  6. Cotton Rope
  7. Scissors
  8. Brights Blue Yarn
  9. Black Slip On Shoes

To recreate May's look from It Takes Two, you'll need a few essential items. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you put together the perfect May costume:

Yellow Knit Turtleneck Sweater: May is known for her bright yellow knit turtleneck sweater, which is a staple of her outfit. You can find similar sweaters online or at your local thrift store. If you can't find the exact same shade of yellow, don't worry! Just make sure the sweater is close enough in color.

Long Wavy Wig: May has long, wavy brown hair that she usually wears down. You can find a wig that matches her hairstyle and color at a costume store or online. Alternatively, you can use your own hair if it's long enough and style it with loose waves.

Patchwork Jeans: May's jeans are made up of different patches of denim, which gives them a unique and playful look. You can create your own patchwork jeans by cutting out pieces of denim and sewing them together, or you can buy a pre-made pair of patchwork jeans online.

May Cosplay

May Cosplay

Classic Round Framed Glasses: May wears a pair of classic round-framed glasses that add to her quirky personality. You can find similar glasses at a costume or thrift store.

Blue Paper Plates: May's costume wouldn't be complete without her signature blue paper plates. You can either buy blue paper plates online or at your local party store.

Cotton Rope: May also wears a piece of cotton rope around her waist, which you can easily find at any craft store.

Scissors: You'll need a pair of scissors to cut out the patches for your jeans.

Bright Blue Yarn: Finally, you'll need some bright blue yarn to tie around the paper plates and create May's unique accessory.

By following these simple steps, you'll have everything you need to dress up like May from It Takes Two.

How To Act Like May At The Halloween Party

May Halloween Costume

Now that you've got your May costume ready, it's time to start thinking about how to embody her adventurous and spunky personality. Here are a few tips on how to act like May at the Halloween party:

  1. Be confident: May is confident in herself and her abilities, so be sure to carry yourself with the same level of confidence.
  2. Be playful: May is known for her playful nature, so don't be afraid to let loose and have fun. You can dance, sing, and joke around with your friends.
  3. Be curious: May loves exploring new places and trying new things. So, be curious and open to new experiences at the party. You never know what you might discover!
  4. Be helpful: May is always willing to lend a hand to her partner, Cody, and anyone else who needs it. So, offer to help out with party decorations, serving food, or cleaning up after the party.

By acting like May, you'll not only have an amazing Halloween costume, but you'll also be able to fully immerse yourself in the spirit of the character and the game. Have fun and enjoy your night as May from It Takes Two!

May Halloween Costume

In conclusion, dressing up as May from It Takes Two is a great way to show off your love for this popular video game while also having a fun and unique Halloween costume. By following the steps in this guide, you'll have everything you need to create the perfect May outfit, from her iconic yellow knit turtleneck sweater to her patchwork jeans and blue paper plates. And don't forget to embody May's confident, playful, curious, and helpful personality at the Halloween party to fully immerse yourself in the character. We hope this guide has been helpful, and we can't wait to see your amazing May costumes! Leave a comment below and let us know what you think or if you have any additional tips for dressing up like May.

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