Dress Like Mollie Burkhart

Looking to dress like Mollie Burkhart from "Killers of the Flower Moon" this Halloween? Get ready to step into the shoes of a strong and resilient character with our Mollie Burkhart Halloween costume guide. Whether you're a fan of the movie or simply admire Mollie's style, this costume will help you channel her spirit and pay homage to her Native American heritage. So, let's dive into the world of Mollie Burkhart and create an unforgettable costume!

Mollie Burkhart Costume


You will need the following items for your dress like Mollie Burkhart Halloween costume:

Dress Like Mollie Burkhart

In the upcoming movie "Killers of the Flower Moon," Lily Gladstone breathes life into the character of Mollie Burkhart, a woman whose journey and resilience captivate audiences.

Mollie's style in the film is a reflection of her strength and cultural heritage. As she delves into the complex and haunting mystery surrounding the Osage murders, her attire exudes a powerful elegance. Mollie adorns herself with delicate silver teardrop earrings that glisten in the moonlight, framing her face with subtle grace. Her long braided ponytail extension adds a touch of tradition, paying homage to her Native American roots.

To complete her ensemble, she wears a pendant necklace, symbolizing her connection to her ancestry, and a black multi-strand necklace that showcases her boldness and determination. Layered chokers, such as the black layered choker and multi-layer crystals beaded choker, adorn her neck, adding a hint of mystique. Mollie's choice of clothing includes a long sleeve chiffon blouse, conveying both femininity and strength and a pashmina shawl wrap that provides warmth and comfort during her relentless pursuit of justice. In moments of reflection, she dons the long sleeve Nordic sea blouse, reminding us of her resilience amidst adversity. Mollie's Native American boots serve as a reminder of her heritage and grounding, while a vintage elastic waist A-line long skirt adds a touch of vintage charm to her ensemble.

With her captivating style, Mollie Burkhart embodies a character who stands tall, rooted in her culture, as she fights for truth and justice in "Killers of the Flower Moon."

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How To Dress Like Mollie Burkhart From Killers of the Flower Moon

Mollie Burkhart Killers of the Flower Moon 2023 Halloween Costume

Dress like Mollie Burkhart from Killers of the Flower Moon;

Step 1: Start with the Jewelry To capture Mollie's elegant style, begin with the silver teardrop earrings, which add a touch of sophistication to your costume. Next, incorporate a pendant necklace to symbolize her connection to her ancestry. For a bolder look, layer a black multi-strand necklace and a black layered choker. Finally, add a multi-layer crystal-beaded choker to infuse some mystique into your ensemble.

Step 2: Embrace Native American Elements Mollie Burkhart's Native American heritage is an essential part of her character. Pair your jewelry with a long braided ponytail extension, representing tradition and cultural roots. To complete the look, choose Native American boots that pay tribute to Mollie's heritage.

Step 3: Blouse and Shawl Wrap Mollie Burkhart's outfits are a blend of femininity and strength. Opt for a long sleeve chiffon blouse, which adds a touch of elegance while embodying her resilience. Layer the blouse with a pashmina shawl wrap for warmth and a touch of authenticity. Alternatively, for a more casual look, you can choose the long sleeve Nordic sea blouse, which reflects Mollie's practicality and determination.

Step 4: The Skirt To emulate Mollie's style, select a vintage elastic waist A-line long skirt. This choice brings a timeless charm to your costume while allowing for comfort and movement during the Halloween festivities.

Step 5: Bring It All Together Once you have assembled the various components of Mollie Burkhart's outfit, it's time to put them all together. Style your hair with the long braided ponytail extension, put on your chosen blouse, layer it with the shawl wrap, and pair them with the skirt. Complete the look with the silver teardrop earrings, pendant necklace, layered chokers, and Native American boots. Voila! You are now dressed as Mollie Burkhart.

Mollie Burkhart Cosplay

Step 1: Confidence is Key Channel Mollie's strength and confidence by embodying her determined spirit throughout the party. Walk tall and maintain a poised presence, just like Mollie did while navigating the challenging circumstances in the movie.

Step 2: Care for Others Mollie Burkhart cared deeply for her family, particularly her mother and sister. Emulate her nurturing side by looking out for your friends and loved ones during the Halloween party. Show compassion and support, just like Mollie did for her family.

Step 3: Stay Resilient In the face of adversity, Mollie exhibited immense resilience. Adopt a resilient attitude throughout the night, maintaining a positive outlook and facing any challenges with determination and strength.

Step 4: Embrace Cultural Heritage Mollie's Native American heritage played a significant role in her life. Use this opportunity to educate others about her culture, sharing knowledge and fostering understanding. Embrace and celebrate your own heritage as well, paying homage to the diverse backgrounds that make us who we are.

Step 5: Enjoy Yourself Lastly, don't forget to enjoy the Halloween party! Mollie Burkhart's character embodies strength, but she also knows the importance of finding joy in life. Laugh, dance, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

About Mollie Burkhart

Mollie Burkhart Killers of the Flower Moon 2023 Cosplay

Mollie Burkhart, portrayed by Lily Gladstone in "Killers of the Flower Moon," is a strong woman who cared for her mother, Lizzie, and watched over her wayward sister, Anna. Despite being diabetic, Mollie demonstrated unwavering determination and resilience as she unraveled the mysterious Osage murders. She symbolizes the strength of Native American women and showcases the importance of family and cultural heritage.

Mollie Burkhart Halloween Costume

By following this Mollie Burkhart Halloween costume guide, you can embody the spirit of this powerful character. Dressing like Mollie Burkhart allows you to pay homage to her strength and Native American heritage while enjoying the Halloween festivities. So, gather your silver teardrop earrings, long braided ponytail extension, pendant necklace, black multi-strand necklace, black layered choker, multi-layer crystals beaded choker, long sleeve chiffon blouse, pashmina shawl wrap, long sleeve Nordic sea blouse, Native American boots, and vintage elastic waist A-line long skirt, and get ready for an unforgettable Halloween as Mollie Burkhart!

Mollie Burkhart Additional Tips:

Research Mollie Burkhart's story to gain a deeper understanding of her character and the historical context of the Osage murders.

  1. Practice Mollie's confident and determined demeanor to fully immerse yourself in her character.

  2. Consider adding subtle makeup elements that enhance your features while maintaining a natural look.

  3. If you have any Native American jewelry or clothing of your own, incorporate them into your costume to personalize it further.

  4. Carry a copy of the book "Killers of the Flower Moon" by David Grann to spark conversations and share Mollie Burkhart's story with others at the Halloween party.

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