Dress Like Robin Arellano

Are you a fan of The Black Phone and want to dress up like the movie's hero, Robin Arellano, this Halloween? Well, you're in luck because I've got the perfect costume guide for you! And trust me, this costume will make you look so good, you'll be scaring away all the ghosts and ghouls.

Robin Arellano Costume


You will need the following items for your Robin Arellano Halloween costume:

  1. Black Wig
  2. Customizable T-shirt
  3. Western Belt
  4. Cowboy Bandanas
  5. Vintage Denim Jeans
  6. Coin Necklace

Here are a few steps to create Robin Arellano's costume:

  • Black Wig: Robin Arellano has straight, black hair. You can achieve a similar look by purchasing a wig or dyeing your own hair.
  • Brown Sleeveless Shirt: Robin wears a brown sleeveless shirt. You can purchase a similar shirt or make a brown shirt sleeveless to achieve a similar look.
  • Western Belt: Robin wears a western-style belt. You can purchase a similar belt or find a vintage belt to achieve a similar look.
  • Cowboy bandana: Robin wears a cowboy bandana. You can purchase a similar bandana or choose a different color or pattern to achieve a similar look.
  • Vintage denim jeans: Robin wears vintage-style denim jeans. You can purchase a similar pair of jeans or customize your own denim jeans to achieve a similar look.
  • Necklace: Robin wears a necklace around his neck. You can purchase a similar necklace or design your own to achieve a similar look.

By following these steps, you can easily create Robin Arellano's costume. Good luck and have a fun Halloween!


How To Dress Like Robin Arellano from The Black Phone

Robin Arellano Cosplay costume
  • First things first, let's talk about the hair. Robin has some seriously slick black locks, so if you're not naturally blessed with those, grab a black wig to complete the look. Just be careful not to get your hair caught in any phone cords. Safety first, people!
  • Next up, let's tackle that shirt. Robin rocks a brown sleeveless shirt that shows off his toned arms. If you don't have arms like Robin (let's be real, who does?), no worries. Just grab a brown shirt and take some scissors to it. Voila! Instant sleeveless top.
  • Now, onto the accessories. Robin wears a western-style belt that will make you look like you just rode in from the Wild West. Don't have one lying around? Hit up your local thrift store or raid your grandpa's closet for a vintage one.

But what really ties this costume together is the cowboy bandana that Robin wears around his head. It adds a touch of ruggedness and makes you look like you're ready to wrangle some cattle.


Robin Arellano Halloween Costume

Robin Arellano Halloween Costume

If you want to fully embody Robin Arellano from The Black Phone for Halloween, here are some tips to help you act like him:

  • Be confident: Robin is a brave and determined character, so try to emulate his confidence and fearlessness.
  • Be curious: Robin is always seeking answers and trying to solve the mystery, so try to be curious and ask questions.
  • Be resourceful: Robin often has to think on his feet and come up with creative solutions to problems, so try to be resourceful and adaptable.
  • Speak with conviction: Robin is not afraid to speak his mind and assert himself, so try to speak with conviction and confidence.
  • Use body language: Pay attention to Robin's body language in the movie and try to mimic it. For example, he often walks with purpose and stands up straight.

Remember, the most important thing is to have fun and enjoy your Halloween costume!


The Black Phone Cosplay

That's a great idea! If you're going to be Robin Arellano from The Black Phone for Halloween, here are some other characters your friends and family can dress up as for a fun group costume:

  • Ethan: Ethan is the main character in The Black Phone and Robin's friend. He wears a blue hoodie, jeans, and sneakers. This costume is easy to put together and would make a great pairing with Robin.
  • Jack: Jack is the creepy kidnapper in the movie who wears a raggedy old coat and hat. For this costume, your friend can wear an old coat and a top hat, and carry around a rope or chain to complete the look.
  • The Lady in White: The Lady in White is a ghostly figure who haunts the kidnapper's lair. This costume can be achieved with a white dress, a veil, and pale makeup. Your friend can also carry around a white sheet or shawl for added effect.
  • The Operator: The Operator is a mysterious figure who communicates with the kidnapper through a toy phone. This costume can be achieved with a black suit, a white shirt, and a black tie. Your friend can also carry around a toy phone or wear a headset for added effect.
  • The Children: In the movie, there are several children who have been kidnapped by Jack. Your friends can dress up as these children by wearing old, torn clothes and carrying around toys or stuffed animals.

With these group costume ideas, you and your friends can create a spooky and memorable Halloween experience that's sure to impress. Have fun and stay safe!

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