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Get ready to tap into the glitz and glamour of Hollywood with a Halloween costume inspired by Sebastian, the charming jazz pianist from the beloved movie "La La Land." This iconic character portrayed by Ryan Gosling brought jazz back into the spotlight, and now, you can capture his style and swagger for a memorable Halloween night. Here's your complete Sebastian Halloween costume guide.

Sebastian Costume


You will need the following items for your Sebastian from La La Land costume:

  1. White Dress Shirts
  2. Dark Navy Pants
  3. Brown Sport Coat Jacket
  4. Navy Blue Tie
  5. Black Dress Belt
  6. Gold Ring
  7. Gold Vintage Watch
  8. Black-White Dress Shoes

Optional Props:

  • Miniature Keyboard or Piano: Carry a small keyboard or wear a piano key tie as a playful nod to Sebastian's love for jazz and his piano.
  • Vinyl Records: Bring along some vinyl records featuring jazz classics to add a vintage touch to your costume.

With this Sebastian Halloween costume guide, you're all set to step into the shoes of this charismatic jazz pianist from "La La Land." Get ready to transport yourself and those around you to the magical world of Hollywood's golden era as you channel the spirit of Sebastian. It's time to celebrate Halloween with a touch of musical magic!



You will need the following items for your Sebastian Outfits:

  1. Yellow Oxford Shirt
  2. Brown Dress Pants
  3. Gold Ring
  4. Gold Vintage Watch
  5. Black Dress Belt
  6. Dark Grey Fedora Hat
  7. Brown-White Dress Shoes

The Wardrobe:

  1. Yellow Oxford Shirt: Kickstart your Sebastian transformation with a yellow Oxford shirt. This shirt should capture the essence of Sebastian's effortless style.
  2. Brown Dress Pants: Pair your shirt with a well-fitted pair of brown dress pants. Sebastian's look is all about classic elegance, so ensure the pants fit comfortably and exude sophistication.
  3. Black Dress Belt: A black dress belt not only keeps your pants secure but also complements the overall aesthetic of your costume.

The Accessories:

  1. Gold Ring: Find a simple yet elegant gold ring to adorn one of your fingers. This understated accessory adds a touch of class to your ensemble.
  2. Gold Vintage Watch: Seek out a vintage-style gold watch to wear on your wrist. Sebastian's character appreciates the finer things in life, and a classic timepiece is a perfect detail.


How To Dress Like Sebastian From La La Land

La La Land Sebastian Cosplay

Step 1: The Foundation - White Dress Shirt

Begin your transformation by donning a crisp white dress shirt. Make sure it's well-fitted and neatly ironed. This shirt serves as the canvas upon which you'll build your Sebastian-inspired attire.

Step 2: Elegance from the Waist Down - Dark Navy Pants

Pair your white dress shirt with a pair of dark navy pants. Opt for pants that fit comfortably and create a sleek, tailored silhouette. The combination of the white shirt and navy pants lays the groundwork for Sebastian's signature style.

Step 3: The Quintessential Jacket - Brown Sport Coat Jacket

Next, slip into a brown sport coat jacket. This piece adds an air of sophistication and timeless charm to your outfit. Ensure the jacket fits well and complements the white shirt and navy pants for a cohesive look.

Step 4: The Details - Navy Blue Tie, Black Dress Belt, Gold Ring, Gold Vintage Watch

  • Adorn your white dress shirt with a navy blue tie. Sebastian's tie adds a touch of refinement to his ensemble.
  • Secure your navy pants with a black dress belt, keeping the focus on the upper half of your costume.
  • For a subtle yet elegant touch, wear a simple gold ring on one of your fingers.
  • Complete your Sebastian-inspired look with a vintage-style gold watch, a nod to his appreciation for the finer things in life.

Step 5: The Perfect Finish - Black-White Dress Shoes

Wrap up your ensemble with black and white dress shoes. These shoes are quintessential to Sebastian's style and add a stylish contrast to your outfit. Ensure they are well-polished for that finishing touch of sophistication.

And there you have it! In just five steps, you've transformed yourself into Sebastian from "La La Land," ready to bring the magic of old Hollywood and jazz to your Halloween celebration. With your white shirt, navy pants, brown sport coat jacket, navy tie, black belt, gold accents, and classic footwear, you'll capture the essence of this beloved character's iconic style with ease.


La La Land Sebastian Cosplay

La La Land Ryan Gosling Outfits

To fully embrace the character of Sebastian from "La La Land" at your Halloween party, you'll need to channel his suave and passionate personality. Here's a five-step guide to help you embody his charm and enthusiasm:

Step 1: The Jazz Enthusiast's Conversation: Sebastian's passion for jazz is at the core of his character. Engage fellow party goers in conversations about jazz legends, iconic jazz clubs, and your personal love for the genre. Share stories about the soulful melodies that move you, and be ready to discuss the magic of improvisation. Your enthusiasm for jazz will set the tone for your portrayal.

Step 2: Dance Like Nobody's Watching: Sebastian is known for his fancy footwork and love for dance. When the music starts, hit the dance floor with confidence. Channel classic dance moves, such as the foxtrot or swing, and encourage others to join you. Your smooth moves will capture the spirit of Sebastian's memorable dance sequences from the movie.

Step 3: Play It Cool, But Passionate: Sebastian's demeanor is cool and collected, but beneath the surface, he's incredibly passionate about his dreams. Maintain a relaxed and confident attitude, but don't shy away from expressing your deep appreciation for music and the arts. Use phrases like "I've got a plan" or "This is what I'm passionate about" to reflect his dedication.

Step 4: Share Stories About Pursuing Dreams: Sebastian's character is all about pursuing his dreams, even when faced with obstacles. Share anecdotes about your own dreams and aspirations, making them sound ambitious and inspiring. Emphasize the importance of following one's passion and taking chances, just as Sebastian does in the movie.

Step 5: Offer a Melodic Performance: If you have any musical talents, consider offering a brief, impromptu piano performance if the party allows. Choose a jazzy tune or one from "La La Land" to showcase your passion for music. It's a fantastic way to capture the essence of Sebastian and leave a lasting impression.

By following these five steps, you'll immerse yourself in the character of Sebastian from "La La Land" at your Halloween party. Your passion for jazz, confident dance moves, cool demeanor, and inspirational storytelling will make you the life of the party, just like this beloved character.

Mia and Sebastian Halloween Costume

The Duo's Chemistry:

The key to bringing Mia and Sebastian to life is your chemistry as a couple. Throughout the evening, interact with each other with the same passion and love that defines their relationship in the movie. Dance together to some classic jazz tunes, and maybe even recreate a scene from the film, like the iconic tap dance at the Griffith Observatory.

With these steps, you and your partner will become the embodiment of Mia and Sebastian's love story. You'll capture the magic of "La La Land" and have a Halloween to remember. So, strike up the band, hit the dance floor, and let your love story shine under the starry Halloween night!

Mia Dolan Halloween Costume Guide

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