Channel the Enigmatic Skade: A Halloween Costume Guide

When it comes to Halloween costumes, why settle for the usual when you can embody the enigmatic Skade from "The Last Kingdom"? This unique and bewitching character brings a touch of mystique to any Halloween party. In this Skade Halloween costume guide, we'll show you how to channel the spirit of this captivating character step by step.

Skade Costume



You will need the following items for your Skade from The Last Kingdom costume:

  1. Green Renaissance Dress
  2. Light Blue Blouses
  3. Blonde Wig
  4. Medieval Viking Belt
  5. Viking Necklace
  6. Red Stone Rings
  7. Moon Pendant
  8. Black Waterproof Eyeliner
  9. Medieval Mini Sword
  10. Body Paint
  11. Wolf fangs to add to your dress
  12. Chain to attach the wolf teeth to your dress
  13. Nickel round so you can attach the chain to your belt
  14. Fake Blood
  15. Motorcycle Boots


How To Dress Like Skade from The Last Kingdom

Skade Halloween Costume

Step 1: The Essential Skade Costume

The foundation of your Skade costume is her iconic green Renaissance dress. Find a dress with flowing sleeves and intricate details to capture her medieval allure. Pair it with a light blue blouse to recreate her distinctive look.

Step 2: The Hair - Blonde Wig

Skade is known for her striking blonde hair. Invest in a high-quality blonde wig that matches her cascading locks. Make sure it's comfortable to wear throughout the night.

Step 3: Accessories Fit for a Sorceress

Medieval Viking Belt: Add a medieval Viking-style belt to cinch your dress and create a flattering silhouette.
Viking Necklace: Adorn yourself with a Viking necklace to add an air of mysticism.
Red Stone Rings: Skade often wore distinctive rings. Find some with red stones to match her style.
Moon Pendant: A moon pendant is a subtle yet significant accessory that Skade wore.
Black Waterproof Eyeliner: Create captivating, mysterious eyes with black waterproof eyeliner.
Body Paint: Apply body paint sparingly to mimic Skade's unique markings.

Step 4: A Touch of the Supernatural

To truly capture Skade's essence, add a touch of the supernatural:

Wolf Fangs: Incorporate wolf fangs into your dress for an eerie, otherworldly touch.
Chain: Use a nickel round to attach the wolf teeth to your belt for an authentic look.
Fake Blood: Apply fake blood sparingly to your hands and mouth to create a mysterious, eerie effect.

Step 5: The Footwear

Complete your Skade costume with a pair of motorcycle boots for comfort and an edge of fierceness.

Now that you've mastered the Skade costume, you're ready to cast a spell of enchantment at your Halloween party. Embrace the allure and mystique of this remarkable character, and prepare to captivate everyone you encounter.

Remember, Halloween is all about having fun and embracing your inner fantasy. With this Skade costume guide, you're sure to leave a lasting impression and make this Halloween a memorable one. So, go forth and channel the sorceress within you!


Skade Cosplay

Skade Cosplay

Step 1: Embrace Skade's Confidence

Skade is known for her unwavering confidence and self-assuredness. When you walk into the Halloween party, carry yourself with poise and an air of mystery. Make eye contact, hold your head high, and move gracefully, just like this enigmatic character.

Step 2: Command Attention with Your Voice

Skade's voice is one of her most captivating features. Channel her beguiling charm by speaking in a soft, hypnotic tone. Choose your words carefully, making them sound enticing and alluring. Use phrases that hint at your mystical powers and knowledge of the supernatural.

Step 3: Embody Skade's Playfulness

Skade is known for her playful nature, often teasing and toying with those around her. Interact with partygoers in a flirtatious yet enigmatic manner. Use witty, cryptic remarks and playful gestures to keep others guessing about your intentions.

Step 4: Exhibit a Mysterious Aura

Skade is shrouded in mystery, and you should be too. Keep your backstory ambiguous, dropping hints about your past and your magical abilities. If someone asks about your costume, offer cryptic answers that leave them intrigued and wanting to learn more.

Step 5: Master the Art of Hypnosis

Skade's sorcery often involves manipulating the minds of those around her. At the party, subtly engage in conversations where you appear to know things about people that you shouldn't. Use your hypnotic charm to draw them into your web of mystique.

By following these five steps, you'll transform into the captivating and enigmatic Skade, leaving partygoers under your spell. Just remember to strike a balance between enchanting and approachable, ensuring everyone has a bewitching time at the Halloween party.


About Skade

Skade is a character from "The Last Kingdom," a historical drama television series based on Bernard Cornwell's "The Saxon Stories" novels. She is a pagan sorceress who enters the world of the Vikings and Saxons in 9th-century England. Skade is known for her ethereal beauty, striking blonde hair, and mystical abilities. She often wears a distinctive green Renaissance-style dress with blue blouses.

What sets Skade apart is her enigmatic aura and her penchant for dark magic. She uses her charms and supernatural powers to manipulate those around her, leaving a trail of intrigue and chaos in her wake. Skade's character is a captivating mix of sensuality, mystery, and danger, making her a memorable addition to the series.

In the show, she weaves her way into the lives of prominent characters, and her actions have far-reaching consequences, making her a pivotal figure in the unfolding drama. Skade's character exemplifies the mysticism and mystique of the medieval world, where belief in the supernatural held great sway over people's lives.

Skade Halloween Costume

In conclusion, transforming into Skade for Halloween can be an enchanting and spellbinding experience. With the right costume and a touch of mystique, you can captivate the imagination of those around you. Skade's character, known for her beauty, magic, and enigmatic allure, offers a unique and exciting costume option that stands out from the crowd.

Additional Tips for Your Skade Costume:

Practice Graceful Movements: Skade's allure lies not only in her appearance but also in her graceful demeanor. Practice elegant and fluid movements to embody her character fully. Think of every step as a dance, and let your body language exude the mystique of a sorceress.

Study Skade's Dialogue: Familiarize yourself with Skade's lines and phrases from "The Last Kingdom." This will help you engage in conversations at the Halloween party while staying true to her character. Drop hints about her mystical powers and past to add depth to your portrayal.

Maintain a Mysterious Smile: Skade often wears a mysterious smile, one that hints at hidden knowledge and secrets. Practice this subtle yet captivating expression to intrigue those around you.

Interact with Props: Incorporate the wolf fangs, moon pendant, and mini sword into your interactions. Use them to enhance the mystique of your character. For example, you can offer someone your moon pendant and cryptically suggest that it holds ancient powers.

Stay in Character: Halloween is the perfect time to fully immerse yourself in your chosen character. Stay in character throughout the party, responding to questions and comments as Skade would. Keep the air of mystery intact, leaving partygoers wondering if you truly possess magical abilities.

Share Skade's Backstory: If someone expresses interest, share snippets of Skade's backstory from "The Last Kingdom." Her journey and her encounters with notable characters like Uhtred can provide excellent conversation material.

Remember, the key to a successful Skade costume is to embody the character's essence - her mystique, confidence, and playful nature. By following these additional tips and the costume guide, you'll cast a spell of enchantment at your Halloween party that no one will soon forget. Embrace the sorceress within you, and let the magic of Skade come to life!

Skade Costume FAQs

FAQ 1: How can I ensure my Skade costume stays comfortable throughout the Halloween party?

Answer: To keep your Skade costume comfortable during the Halloween party, opt for lightweight and breathable materials when selecting the green Renaissance dress and light blue blouses. Ensure the wig is secured properly and isn't too tight. Additionally, consider wearing comfortable undergarments to enhance your overall comfort throughout the night.

FAQ 2: Do I need to apply body paint for my Skade costume, and how can I ensure it stays in place?

Answer: Applying body paint is optional, but it can add authenticity to your Skade costume. To ensure it stays in place, start with clean, dry skin. Use high-quality body paint and consider setting it with setting powder or spray for longevity. Avoid touching it frequently to prevent smudging, and bring touch-up supplies just in case.

FAQ 3: Can I customize my Skade costume with additional accessories or props?

Answer: Absolutely! Adding personal touches like mystical jewelry or accessories can enhance your Skade costume. You can include items like crystal necklaces, unique rings, or additional props that align with Skade's character. Just ensure they complement the overall mystique and aura of your costume.


In conclusion, transforming into Skade from "The Last Kingdom" for Halloween offers a unique opportunity to embody a character known for her beauty, magic, and enigmatic allure. By following our comprehensive Skade costume guide and embracing her essence, you can captivate the imagination of those around you and create an unforgettable Halloween experience.

Remember to practice graceful movements, study Skade's dialogue, and maintain a mysterious smile to fully immerse yourself in the character. Interact with props and share Skade's backstory when prompted to add depth to your portrayal. Staying in character and preserving an air of mystery will leave partygoers enchanted and intrigued.

Whether you're attending a Halloween party or participating in cosplay events, Skade's character offers a captivating and spellbinding costume choice. Embrace the sorceress within you, and let the magic of Skade come to life, ensuring your Halloween celebration is truly enchanting!

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