Dutch Van Der Linde Cosplay Guide: Become the Outlaw Leader

Welcome to our comprehensive Dutch Van Der Linde costume guide! If you're a fan of the Red Dead Redemption series and you want to step into the shoes of the charismatic yet enigmatic Dutch Van Der Linde, you've come to the right place. Whether you're gearing up for Halloween, a cosplay event, or just want to pay tribute to this iconic character, we've got you covered.


Dutch Van Der Linde Costume


You will need the following items for your Dutch Van Der Linde costume:

  1. Long Sleeve 3 Button Henley Shirt
  2. Men's Defender-Flex Slim Pants
  3. Luger Artillery Stock Holster
  4. Heavy Duty Lashing Straps *
  5. Large Open Circle Charm Necklace
  6. Grey Frost Shannon Faux Fur Fabric *
  7. Legends P.08 Air Gun
  8. Men's Heritage Roper Western Cowboy Boot

He's a true anarchist, harboring deep dissatisfaction with the existing state of the world. His vision yearns for a realm devoid of authority, where individuals live by their own rules and grapple for survival. If you happen to have friends who share a passion for Red Dead Redemption, consider inviting them to join in to cosplay  John Marston, Arthur Morgan and Sadie Adler. All eyes will be on you, that's for sure.


RDR2 Dutch Van Der Linde Costume

How to Dress Like Dutch Van Der Linde

Get ready to channel the spirit of Dutch Van Der Linde with our step-by-step costume guide. To nail Dutch's rugged outlaw look, follow these five key steps:

Step 1: The Foundation:

Start with a long sleeve 3-button Henley shirt and Men's Defender-Flex slim pants as the foundation of your outfit. Dutch is known for his practical attire, and these pieces set the tone.

Step 2: Holster and Accessories

Add authenticity with a Luger artillery stock holster, a large open circle charm necklace, and don't forget Heavy Duty lashing straps. These items capture Dutch's wild, untamed spirit.

Step 3: The Footwear

Complete the look with Men's Heritage Roper Western Cowboy boots. Dutch's rugged lifestyle requires sturdy footwear, and these boots are perfect for your costume.

Step 4: The Final Details

For the finishing touches, grab a Legends P.08 air gun – Dutch's trusty sidearm – and Grey Frost Shannon faux fur fabric for that rugged wilderness vibe.

Step 5: Assemble Your Gang

If you have friends who are fans of Red Dead Redemption, invite them to join your crew as John Marston, Arthur Morgan, or Sadie Adler. Together, you'll make an unforgettable entrance.

Dutch Van Der Linde Cosplay

Dressing like Dutch is just the beginning. To truly become the charismatic leader of the Van Der Linde gang, follow these five steps:

Step 1: Embrace Anarchy

Dutch is a complete anarchist who thrives in a world without rules. At the party, embody his desire for freedom and a world where people do as they please.

Step 2: Challenge Authority

Channel Dutch's rebellion against authority figures. Don't be afraid to question the status quo and stir things up a bit.

Step 3: Charismatic Speech

Dutch is known for his persuasive speeches. At the party, deliver a charismatic monologue that captivates your audience.

Step 4: Loyalty to Your Gang

Show unwavering loyalty to your fellow party-goers, just as Dutch does to his gang. Protect and support your friends throughout the night.

Step 5: Be the Center of Attention

Dutch commands attention wherever he goes. Make sure all eyes are on you by being the life of the party and leading the way.

Other Red Dead Redemption Costume Ideas

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About Dutch Van Der Linde

Dutch Van Der Linde is a fictional character from the video game series Red Dead Redemption, developed by Rockstar Games. He is the leader of the Van Der Linde gang, a group of outlaws who live by their own code and oppose the encroaching civilization and government in the late 19th and early 20th century America. He is voiced and motion-captured by Benjamin Byron Davis1.

Dutch is a charismatic, intelligent, and idealistic man who believes in fighting for freedom and justice. He has a strong bond with his gang members, especially Arthur Morgan and John Marston, who he raised as his sons. He is also well-read and knowledgeable about various topics, such as philosophy, history, and literature. He often quotes famous authors and thinkers, such as Ralph Waldo Emerson, Thomas Paine, and Lev Tolstoy2.

However, Dutch also has a dark side to his personality. He is ruthless, violent, and manipulative when it comes to achieving his goals. He does not hesitate to kill or rob anyone who stands in his way or threatens his vision. He also becomes increasingly paranoid, unstable, and egocentric as the story progresses. He loses his moral compass and his trust in his friends, leading to the downfall of his gang and his eventual death3


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Additional Tips for Your Dutch Van Der Linde Costume

To elevate your Dutch Van Der Linde costume to the next level, consider paying attention to the finer details. Here are some additional tips:

  • Weaponry: Dutch is known for his trusty sidearm. Consider carrying a toy revolver or prop gun as a homage to his character. Make sure it complies with any local costume regulations.
  • Pocket Watch: Dutch's vintage pocket watch is a symbol of his refined yet rebellious personality. Adding this accessory to your costume will enhance its authenticity.
  • Voice and Speech: Work on capturing Dutch's charismatic speech patterns and vocabulary. Study some of his memorable lines from the game and incorporate them into your conversations at the party.
  • Body Language: Dutch carries himself with confidence and authority. Practice his mannerisms, like his commanding presence and the way he holds himself.
  • Charisma: Emulate Dutch's charismatic leadership by being engaging and sociable. Approach party-goers with confidence and charm, just as Dutch would in the Wild West.

Group Costume Ideas Alongside Dutch

Enhance the Wild West experience at your next event by coordinating your Dutch Van Der Linde costume with friends who are also fans of Red Dead Redemption. Here are some group costume ideas to consider:

  • Arthur Morgan: Invite a friend to dress as Arthur Morgan, Dutch's right-hand man. Arthur's rugged cowboy look complements Dutch's attire.
  • John Marston: Another iconic character from the game, John Marston, offers a fantastic group costume option. His cowboy attire and scars make him instantly recognizable.
  • Sadie Adler: If you have a female friend joining the group, suggest that she portrays Sadie Adler, a fierce and formidable character. Sadie's outfit exudes strength and independence.
  • Lenny Summers: Lenny is a beloved member of the gang known for his sharp wit. Invite a friend to embody Lenny and add some humor to your group.
  • Bill Williamson: For a touch of authenticity, include Bill Williamson in your gang. His imposing presence and distinctive clothing will complement Dutch's leadership.

By assembling a group of Red Dead Redemption characters, you'll create a memorable ensemble that's sure to stand out at any event or party. Whether you're engaging in dramatic reenactments or simply mingling with fellow attendees, your group will transport everyone to the untamed frontier of the game.

Dutch Van Der Linde Cosplay FAQs

You might have some burning questions about your Dutch Van Der Linde costume and how to perfect it. Don't worry; we've got you covered with these frequently asked questions and answers:

Q1: What type of holster should I use for the Luger Artillery Stock Holster?

Answer: For authenticity, consider using a leather or leather holster with a rugged, worn appearance. You can often find holsters designed for costume use online or at costume shops.

Q2: Can I use a fake beard and wig for Dutch's facial hair and hairstyle?

Answer: Absolutely! A good-quality fake beard and wig can help you achieve Dutch's distinctive facial hair and hairstyle. Look for one that matches the character's rugged appearance.

Q3: Can I carry a toy gun as part of my costume?

Answer: You can certainly carry a toy revolver as a prop to enhance your costume's authenticity. However, make sure it complies with local costume regulations and safety guidelines to avoid any issues.

Q4: How can I practice Dutch Van Der Linde's charismatic speech patterns?

Answer: To emulate Dutch's speech, watch clips of him in the game and pay attention to his confident and authoritative tone. Practice delivering some of his memorable lines to capture his charisma.

Q5: Is there a recommended way to adopt Dutch's body language?

Answer: Dutch carries himself with confidence and authority. Study his posture and mannerisms in the game, and try to mirror them in your interactions at the party.

Q6: How can I embody Dutch's charismatic leadership at the party?

Answer: Embrace Dutch's charismatic leadership by being engaging and sociable. Approach others with confidence and charm, just as Dutch would in the Wild West setting.



Congratulations, fellow outlaw! You've now embarked on a journey to bring Dutch Van Der Linde, the charismatic leader of the Van der Linde gang, to life at your Halloween party. With your Dutch Van Der Linde costume carefully assembled, and the knowledge of how to dress and act like the character, you're sure to steal the spotlight and make a memorable entrance.

Remember that Dutch is a complex character with a mix of charm, charisma, and a hint of unpredictability. As you step into his shoes, embrace his confident and authoritative persona. Engage in lively conversations, share tales of your outlaw adventures, and, most importantly, have a great time at your Halloween gathering.

Whether you're joining a group of fellow Red Dead Redemption enthusiasts or simply enjoying the festivities on your own, your Dutch Van Der Linde costume will undoubtedly make you the talk of the town. So tip your hat, flash a sly smile, and revel in the Wild West spirit as you bring Dutch to life.

Now, gather your fellow outlaws, practice your best Dutch quotes, and prepare for a night of fun and excitement. Your Dutch Van Der Linde costume is your ticket to a Halloween adventure filled with memorable moments and unforgettable encounters.

Ride into the sunset, partner, and make this Halloween one for the books with your outstanding Dutch Van Der Linde cosplay!

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