Dress Like Fred Flintstone

Fred Flintstone Costume


You will need the following items for your Fred Flintstone Halloween Costume:

How To Dress Like Fred Flintstone From The Flintstones

Fred Flintstone The Flintstones Halloween Costume

Dress like Fred Flintstone from The Flintstones;

Fred Flintstone Costume Accessories: #1 caveman jumbo bone prop, #3 bat caveman stick, #6 caveman feet.

Fred Flintstone Costume Wig: #2 black caveman wig.

Fred Flintstone Costumes: #4 Fred Flintstone costume, #5 Fred full costume set, #7 bedrock bro cartoon character costume orange.

Fred Flintstone Halloween Costume

Fred Flintstone The Flintstones Cosplay

Fred is a chubby but handsome caveman with fair skin, brown stubble, black hair, thick black eyebrows, and a large nose. He wears a torn dark blue or turquoise green tie and a short-sleeved orange and black spotted loincloth with a torn hem.

Fred Flintstone Cosplay

Fred's personality was based on that of Ralph Kramden from the 1950s television series The Honeymooners and Chester A. Riley from The Life of Riley. As such, Fred, like Ralph, tends to be vocal and abusive, and constantly finds ways to improve his family's working-class lot, often with unintended results. Archie Bunker from All in the Family & Archie Bunker's Place and George Jefferson from The Jeffersons also have similar personalities based on Fred Flintstone.

His impulsive, argumentative, childish, insane, and bad-tempered behavior, as well as his stubborn and naïve nature, make Fred Flintstone prone to accidents. He is capable of creating the greatest confusion with even the most innocent and banal act.

Fred is primarily a kindhearted and selfless man, although he does get angry and irritable quite often, usually when his immature friend Barney harasses and teases Fred, or even laughs at him by leaving. Aside from that, Fred can have other emotions as well. His laughter is In some episodes, he starts crying when Barney rips up the tickets, Dino runs away, and Fred discovers that wasting $1,000 wasn't funny anymore.

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