Gabriella and Troy Costume

Gabriella and Troy Couples Costume

Gabriella Montez Costume

Gabriella Montez Costume
Sexy Spaghetti Strap Red Dress Long Curly Wig Beaded Bracelet Plastic Costume Microphone Stiletto Heel Lace-up Sandals Gabriella Girl's Costume

Plastic Costume Microphone

You need the following items for your Gabriella Montez Halloween costume:

  1. Sexy Spaghetti Strap Red Dress
  2. Long Curly Wig
  3. Beaded Bracelet
  4. Plastic Costume Microphone
  5. Stiletto Heel Lace-up Sandals
  6. Gabriella Girl's Costume

Gabriella known who she is; her strengths and weaknesses. We clearly see that when she joined the theater without considering what others would say. Gabriella doesn't like to be the center of attention, however while singing, she seems to let go off her shyness and enjoy the moment. 

To cosplay Gabriella Montez from High School Musical, dress up in a red spaghetti strap dress, beaded bracelets and red high heels. 

Troy Bolton Costume

You need the following items for your Troy Bolton Halloween costume:

  1. Troy Bolton Basketball Jersey
  2. Champion Men's 10" Core Training Short
  3. Spalding Excel TF-500 Basketball
  4. Short Straight Wig
  5. Red Sweatbands
  6. Nike Mens Lebron Soldier XIV 14 Basketball Shoes
  7. High School Musical Troy Costume for Boys

Troy is a friendly and outgoing young man who genuinely has the greater good in mind despite being the captain of The Wildcats. Troy would throw his kindness out to the world if it came down to it. If he could make someone feel better about themselves, that was the highlight of it all. Troy cares more about the people around him than he does about himself, especially Gabriella Montez.

To cosplay Troy Bolton, dress up in Troy's basketball jersey, red basketball shorts, and red & white basketball shoes.

How To Dress Like Gabriella & Troy

Gabriella and Troy Couples Costume

Gabriella Montez Costume: To get the look of Gabriella from High School Musical, head to a local retail store close to you where you can find all the items if you don't already have them, which are a red spaghetti dress, a beaded bracelet, and red lace up sandals.

Troy Bolton Costume: For the male part of this couple costume, there is a high chance that you already own most of the required pieces. If you don't, head to a retail store to buy red basketball shorts, white basketball shoes with red soles and a basketball, check online for a Troy basketball jersey.

Gabriella and Troy Halloween Costume

On New Year's Eve, Troy and Gabriella meet. They were forced by their parents to attend the New Year's Eve party and were pulled up on stage by a DJ to sing. It is clear that Gabriella is scared, but after Troy starts singing, she seems to change her mind and decide to sing Start of Something New with him. At High School Musical 2, It is the first time that Gabriella has been able to stay in one place for a whole summer, as it is the first time that Troy has been able to stay with her. Troy meets Gabriella at Gabriella's locker and gives her a 'T' necklace, which stands for Troy. The two of them almost kiss, but are interrupted by a student who wants Troy to sign his book.

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