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Gandalf Costume


How To Dress Like Gandalf From The Lord of the Rings

Gandalf The Lord of the Rings Halloween Costume

Dress like Gandalf from The Lord of the Rings;

The Lord of the Rings Gandalf Costume Hat: #1 adult scarecrow felt Oktoberfest wizard witch hillbilly hat.

The Lord of the Rings Gandalf Costumes: #2 Lord of the Rings Hobbit Gandalf costume wizard cloak robe gray adult, #5 Gandalf costume wizard cloak robe with hat full set, #7 The Fellowship of The Ring Gandalf cosplay costume robe cloak, #9 The Hobbit Gandalf costume.

The Lord of the Rings Gandalf Costume Wig & Beard: #3 The Hobbit Gandalf beard costume wig kit.

The Lord of the Rings Gandalf Costume Shoe: #4 brown hazer lace-up lacer shoe moc toe.

The Lord of the Rings Gandalf Costume Sword: #6 Lord of The Rings Gandalf sword.

Gandalf Staff: #8 Hobbit Staff of Gandalf knife pipe.

Gandalf Halloween Costume

Gandalf The Lord of the Rings Cosplay

Gandalf is described as an old man wearing a peaked blue hat, long gray cloak, and silver shawl. He had a long white beard and bushy eyebrows that protruded past the brim of his hat.

After he is resurrected, the change in his characteristic color from gray to white is significant, for he was sent back to replace the corrupt Head of the Wizarding Order and leader of the White Council, Saruman, as Head of the Wizarding Order. In the book, he says that he himself has become what Saruman should have been.

Círdan the Shipwright seemed to have foreseen this, for he entrusted the care of Narya, the Ring of Fire to Gandalf rather than Saruman.

Gandalf Cosplay

Gandalf is described in The Lord of the Rings as quick to anger and just as quick to laugh. His deep wisdom and compassion clearly stem from the patience he learned in Valinor, just as his concern for all creatures of good will must stem from his strong compassion for the weak. Both his patience and compassion showed themselves time and again, extending even to the servants of his enemies.

Keen observers of Gandalf discovered a veiled power, usually revealed in his eyes, which looked deep and wise. He was tender and hard by turns; He surprised others with his bluntness when the time was of the essence. Gandalf consistently chastised foolish behavior but also richly rewarded those who acted with good intentions.

He liked hobbits more than the other wizards and often went to the Shire to relax from errands. His affection was likely because the Shire was marked by more bliss and peace than other inhabited realms of Middle-earth.

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