Henry Sugar Costume: Craft the Perfect Roald Dahl Look

If you're a fan of Roald Dahl's enchanting stories or the whimsical world of Wes Anderson's film adaptations, then you're in for a treat this Halloween. Step into the shoes of Henry Sugar, the charming and wealthy character from the 2023 Netflix movie, and embark on a costume adventure like no other. In this guide, we'll show you how to craft your own Henry Sugar costume, complete with all the essential details to bring this unique character to life. So, let's dive into the world of DIY Henry Sugar costume creation!

Henry Sugar Costume

How to Craft Your Henry Sugar Costume

Henry Sugar Outfits

Now that you've gathered your costume essentials, it's time to bring your Henry Sugar transformation to life. In this section, we'll guide you through five straightforward steps to assemble your very own Henry Sugar costume. Get ready to charm the crowd with your elegant and enigmatic style.

Step 1: The Pajama Base To kick off your Henry Sugar makeover, begin with a Red Pajama Set. These cozy red pajamas will serve as the foundation of your costume.

Step 2: The Dressing Gown Layer your pajamas with a Striped Dressing Gown, mirroring Henry Sugar's iconic robe during talk with the police officer.

Step 3: The Money Magic To fully embody Henry Sugar's character, don't forget to carry some Play Money Sterling Pounds or US Dollars, symbolizing his gambling winnings, charitable acts and giving away 30000 UK Pounds.

Step 4: Footwear Finesse Complete your look with Wine Red Slip-On Loafers, which add a touch of sophistication to your ensemble.

Henry Sugar Cosplay

Henry Sugar Halloween Costume

It's not just about the costume; it's about embodying the character. In this section, we'll explore five key steps to help you act like Henry Sugar at the Halloween party. Embrace his charisma, charm, and philanthropic spirit as you bring this enigmatic character to life.

  1. Charismatic Confidence: Channel Henry's confidence and charisma as you interact with fellow partygoers. Let your charm shine through in every conversation.
  2. Generous Gestures: Emulate his philanthropic spirit by spreading goodwill and kindness at the party. Offer compliments, assistance, or simply lend a listening ear.
  3. Engage in Mystique: Create an air of mystery around yourself, just as Henry Sugar maintained his secret abilities. Drop subtle hints or intriguing comments to pique curiosity.
  4. Gentlemanly Manners: Exhibit impeccable manners and politeness in your interactions, mirroring Henry's refined character. Courtesy and respect go a long way.
  5. Enjoy the Party: While you're in character, don't forget to have fun and enjoy the Halloween festivities with fellow revelers. Your charm and generosity will make the party memorable.

With these steps, you'll be well-prepared to not only look like Henry Sugar but also act like him, captivating everyone you encounter at the Halloween celebration.

About Henry Sugar

Henry Sugar Pajama Costume

The Henry Sugar from the Netflix movie is a character based on Roald Dahl’s short story of the same name. He is a wealthy and bored bachelor who discovers a book about a man who learned to see through objects and cards. He decides to practice the same skill and use it to win money at casinos. However, he soon realizes that he can use his power for a nobler purpose and becomes a philanthropist who secretly donates his winnings to orphanages around the world. He is played by Benedict Cumberbatch in the movie, which is directed by Wes Anderson and features a star-studded cast. The movie is a whimsical and charming adaptation of Dahl’s story, with Anderson’s signature style and humor. It is available to watch on Netflix in various regions


  1. https://www.netflix.com

Enhancing Your Henry Sugar Costume - Expert Tips

To truly shine as Henry Sugar, it's essential to pay attention to the finer details. In this section, we'll provide you with some expert tips to enhance your costume and ensure it stands out at any Halloween party.

  1. Monocle or Pocket Watch: Consider adding a monocle or a pocket watch to your costume for an extra touch of sophistication. Henry Sugar's character exudes elegance, and these accessories can help you achieve that refined look.
  2. Grooming and Hairstyle: Pay close attention to your grooming and hairstyle. A neatly combed or slicked-back hairstyle can complement the character's refined demeanor. If you have facial hair, make sure it's well-groomed.
  3. Confident Body Language: Emulate Henry Sugar's confidence with your body language. Stand tall, maintain good posture, and exude self-assuredness. Confident gestures and a charming smile can go a long way in embodying the character.
  4. Charitable Acts: At the party, consider performing small acts of kindness and generosity. Offer compliments, assistance, or even share some of your play money with fellow party attendees, mimicking Henry Sugar's philanthropic nature.

Group Costume Ideas with Henry Sugar - Roald Dahl Extravaganza

If you're looking to elevate your Halloween celebration further, why not involve your friends in creating a Roald Dahl-inspired ensemble? Here are some imaginative group costume ideas that complement your Henry Sugar attire:

  1. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory: Invite your friends to become Willy Wonka, Charlie Bucket, Veruca Salt, and other beloved characters from the world of Willy Wonka's chocolate factory. This whimsical group costume will transport everyone into a world of pure imagination.
  2. Matilda: Embrace the magic of Matilda's world with characters like Matilda herself, Miss Trunchbull, and Miss Honey. This group costume idea allows you to explore the enchanting world of Roald Dahl's Matilda.
  3. Fantastic Mr. Fox: Transform into Mr. Fox, Mrs. Fox, and other delightful characters from the Fantastic Mr. Fox story. This costume choice brings a touch of adventure to your Halloween gathering.
  4. The BFG: Bring the Big Friendly Giant to life with friends dressed as Sophie and other giants from the beloved tale. It's a heartwarming and imaginative group costume choice.
  5. James and the Giant Peach: Take a journey inside the giant peach with friends dressed as James, the insects, and other inhabitants of the colossal fruit. This whimsical ensemble is a fantastic tribute to Roald Dahl's storytelling.

With these group costume ideas, you'll create a memorable and immersive Halloween experience that pays homage to the enchanting worlds crafted by Roald Dahl. Whether you choose to be Henry Sugar or another character, your collective creativity will shine through at the party.

Henry Sugar Costume FAQs


  1. What materials are best for DIY Henry Sugar costume play money?

    • Cardstock paper and a printer are perfect for creating realistic-looking play money.
  2. Is it essential to have a Striped Dressing Gown for the costume?

    • While it's a significant detail, you can improvise with any striped robe or dressing gown you have.
  3. Can I wear any red slip-on shoes, or do they need to be specifically wine red?

    • Any red slip-on shoes will work, but wine red will match Henry Sugar's attire more accurately.
  4. How can I emulate Henry Sugar's confident charm?

    • Practice good posture, maintain eye contact, and speak with a warm and engaging tone.
  5. Should I carry real or fake money for the costume?

    • Fake play money is recommended to ensure safety and compliance with event rules.
  6. What should I do if someone asks about the source of my money at the party?

    • Playfully deflect the question or share your intentions to help others, staying in character.
  7. Can I add any other accessories to the Henry Sugar costume?

    • A pocket watch or monocle can add an extra touch of elegance, but they are optional.
  8. Is this costume suitable for all ages?

    • Yes, the Henry Sugar costume is suitable for both adults and children who appreciate Roald Dahl's stories.
  9. Where can I watch the Netflix movie featuring Henry Sugar?

    • The movie is available to watch on Netflix in various regions. Check your local Netflix library for availability.


Becoming Henry Sugar for Halloween is a unique and charming choice that combines elegance with a touch of mystery. Whether you're a fan of Roald Dahl's literature or Wes Anderson's films, this costume is sure to captivate your fellow partygoers. So, embrace your inner philanthropist and make a memorable impression at this year's Halloween celebration with your Henry Sugar costume.

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