Dress Like Ivy (1992)

Ivy Costume


How To Dress Like Ivy From Poison Ivy

Ivy Poison Ivy Halloween Costume 1992

Dress Like Ivy From Poison Ivy;

Ivy Costume Grunge Look: Leather Jackets, Denim Shorts Frayed, Sheer Sexy T-Shirt Blouse, HARLEY-DAVIDSON Tegan Ankle Boot, Beach Mini Dress.

Ivy Costume Accessories: Vintage Square Sunglasses, Long Chain Party Necklace, Blonde Curly Wave Wig.

Ivy (Drew Barrymore) Hair: Her hair becomes sleek after to messy. Before: Blonde Curly Wave hair, it is sleek after.

Ivy Halloween Costume

Ivy Poison Ivy Cosplay 1992

Constantly dressed in different shades of red, Ivy transforms into the spitting image of her friend's ailing mother. You can try to find a suitable opportunity to relive Ivy and her terrible criminal style.

Red is necessary for the style of the film outfit. This is the film, wearing a trench coat, leather jacket, skirt, and used red lipstick. Ivy was a master manipulator. Ivy copies Georgie's look, her hair symbolically styled from messy to sleek. Ivy's miniskirts, blouses, and red coats manage to control the Cooper family.

Drew Barrymore may have been your fashion icon. Ivy made slip dresses iconic. As Ivy, Drew is a seductive Lolita. Ivy wore crop tops and jackets and wore long hair. Ivy 90s bad girl style for yourself, you will love these Ivy items.

Ivy Cosplay

Drew Barrymore starred in Poison Ivy, a film that became a cult hit in the '90s. Ivy is a cunning teenager who manipulates her friends' families. Poison Ivy is perhaps one of Drew's most stylish films.

Grunge styles with leather jackets, crucifix necklaces, baggy jeans, black leather shoes with the image, her polka dot blouse with bow detailing that perfectly match her lipstick, this is the Drew Barrymore from Poison Ivy.

What makes Drew's fashion sense iconic is her enjoyment of it. Be trendy and a little whimsical, whether it's fanny packs. Rocking, shrinking, or jumping is not important to her. She can always steal the show by wearing a denim jacket and colored sunglasses.

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