Dress Like Joni Thrombey

Joni Thrombey Costume



How To Dress Like Joni Thrombey Knives Out

Joni Thrombey Cosplay Costume Outfit

Dress like Joni Thrombey;

Joni Thrombey Costume: For your Joni Thrombey Halloween costume, you will need a floral blouse, a leather belt, a high waist skirt, and knee-high boots.

Joni Thrombey Accessories: To complete your Joni Thrombey look, don't forget to get a choker necklace, vintage ring set and last but not least, a long blonde wig.


Joni Thrombey Halloween Outfit Costume

Joni Thrombey Halloween Costume

Joni Thrombey, played by Toni Collette, is a character in Knives Out. She is the widow of Neil Thrombey and the mother of Meg Thrombey. Joni is a famous lifestyle guru and runs a failing skincare company called Flam. She is shown as a suspect in Harlan's death.

Joni Thrombey is the owner of Flam. Flam is a skincare business that also supports a full lifestyle. Joni Thrombey, in her first meeting with the researchers, reports her company philosophy as a "balance of opposites...self-sufficiency with acceptance of human need." At first glance, it may seem like there is no problem with the company, but Detective Blanc later reveals problems with the product. She bought a moisturizer with snail jelly from Flam that caused rashes on her sensitive skin. It searches for similar consumer complaints and finds many similar complaints. Further investigation revealed Flam's financial problems. The company had gone bankrupt and Joni kept the company afloat using the money she stole from Harlan.

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