Dress Like Marty Byrde

Welcome to our guide on how to become the financial wizard turned money launderer, Marty Byrde, from the hit Netflix series Ozark. Whether you're a die-hard fan of the show, gearing up for a Halloween party, or simply want to channel Marty's calm and collected demeanor, you've come to the right place. In this blog post, we'll provide you with a step-by-step guide to nailing Marty Byrde's look and persona, ensuring that you'll be the center of attention at your next event.

Marty Byrde Costume


You will need the following items for your Marty Byrde from Ozark Halloween costume:

  1. Long Sleeve Shirt
  2. Dress Pant
  3. Classic Leather Flapover
  4. Quartz Watch
  5. New Balance Sneaker
  6. Classic Wedding Ring

You can take a look at our costume guide to portray Marty Byrde, the beloved character of the Ozark series, on Halloween.


How To Dress Like Marty Byrde From Ozark

Marty Byrde Halloween Cosplay Costume

How to Dress Like Marty Byrde - Step by Step Guide

Marty Byrde has a distinct, business-casual look that reflects his dual life as a financial advisor and money launderer. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you put together an authentic Marty Byrde costume:

Step 1: Long Sleeve Shirt and Dress Pants Start with a long sleeve shirt and dress pants. Marty's wardrobe leans towards classic and neutral colors, so choose appropriate shades.

Step 2: New Balance Sneakers For footwear, opt for comfortable New Balance sneakers. They're a staple of Marty's practical attire.

Step 3: Classic Leather Flapover Carry a classic leather flapover bag or briefcase. This accessory mirrors Marty's constant need to manage finances discreetly.

Step 4: Quartz Watch Don a Quartz watch, preferably with a leather strap. This adds a touch of sophistication to your Marty Byrde ensemble.

Step 5: Classic Wedding Ring Don't forget to wear a classic wedding ring to complete the look. Marty's commitment to his family is a central theme in Ozark.


Marty Byrde Cosplay

Marty Byrde Outfit

How to Act Like Marty Byrde at a Halloween Party

Achieving the Marty Byrde persona goes beyond the costume. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to act like Marty Byrde at your Halloween party:

Step 1: Remain Calm Under Pressure Marty Byrde is known for keeping his cool in high-stress situations. Practice maintaining a calm and collected demeanor throughout the party.

Step 2: Business-Minded Conversations Engage in conversations about finance, investments, or business matters to reflect Marty's professional background.

Step 3: Protective Father Figure Emulate Marty's role as a protective father by looking out for your friends and family at the party.

Step 4: Dry Sense of Humor Marty has a dry and witty sense of humor. Incorporate clever one-liners and sarcasm into your conversations.

Step 5: Maintain a Reserved Stance Marty Byrde is not overly expressive emotionally. Keep your facial expressions and body language reserved to match his character.

About Marty Byrde

All About Marty Byrde from Ozark

Marty Byrde is the central character in the critically acclaimed Netflix series Ozark. He is portrayed as the husband of Wendy Byrde and the father of Charlotte and Jonah Byrde. Marty's profession as a financial advisor takes a sinister twist when he becomes embroiled in money laundering for a dangerous Mexican drug cartel.

Despite the intense situations he faces, Marty remains cool, intelligent, and emotionally restrained. His ability to compartmentalize his emotions is both a strength and a vulnerability, as he navigates the treacherous world of crime and deceit. Beyond his criminal endeavors, Marty enjoys baseball, particularly the Chicago Cubs, and indulges in gardening as a hobby.

Marty Byrde Halloween Costume

Additional Tips

  1. Study Marty's Character: Watch Ozark to observe Marty Byrde's character traits, mannerisms, and speech patterns.
  2. Perfect the Dry Humor: Practice delivering dry, witty remarks to capture Marty's sense of humor.


By following our step-by-step costume guide and embracing Marty Byrde's calm and calculated persona, you'll be ready to take on the role of this complex character at your next event. Whether you're discussing finances, cracking subtle jokes, or managing high-pressure situations, you'll embody the essence of Marty Byrde from Ozark. So, gear up, stay cool under pressure, and make your next Halloween party an unforgettable experience!

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