Michael Scott Costume

Young Michael Scott Costume

How To Dress Like Michael Scott From The Office

How To Dress Like Michael Scott From The Office

Dress like Michael Scott from The Office; Michael Scott costume consists of vintage mullet wig, short sleeve dress shirt, dress pants, striped tie, and casio watch, to complete your Michael Scott costume don't forget to get blue fanny pack and black oxford shoes.

Michael Scott Halloween Costume

Michael Scott Halloween Costume

Michael Gary Scott is one of the main characters in The Office, he is portrayed by Steve Carell and based on David Brent, the British version of the show. Michael is a regional manager of the paper distribution company named Dunder Mifflin Inc.

Michael Scott Outfit

During an open conversation with Michael Ryan said he became a seller because he loved making friends. He recognizes the difficulty because his colleagues in the job hierarchy are all lower than him. He appears to have few relationships outside of the office.

When dealing with other characters, Michael is flat, insensitive, ignorant, and has no basic social norms.

About Michael Scott

Aside from his masterful sales skills, Michael lacks almost any other skill, management, or anything. Jim Halpert once created a color chart of how Michael spends his time: 80% distract others; 19% delay; and 1% critical thinking. Jim added that he inflated the critical thinking percentage so people could actually see it in the graph. His relaxed approach often leads to lower than expected productivity in the workplace, especially when Michael believes that personal interests take precedence overwork. In order not to be disciplined for his stupid deeds, Michael often uses scapegoats to protect himself.

Although his actions often lead to more problems for his employees, Michael believes Scranton is "the cool, fun branch ... like Animal House". He's really upset when the bestseller from Utica Scranton's office makes a call saying "It's worse than Camden."

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