The Ultimate Angela Moss Costume: Tips, Tricks, and More

Angela Moss, a character from the critically acclaimed TV series "Mr. Robot," is a complex and multifaceted individual. Portrayed by the talented actor Portia Doubleday, Angela undergoes significant character development throughout the series. To bring her character to life for a Halloween costume or cosplay, it's essential to understand her journey and distinctive style.

In this guide, we will explore how to dress and act like Angela Moss in just a few easy steps. Angela's character is known for her evolving sense of fashion and her internal struggles, making her a fascinating choice for anyone looking to embody her character. Whether you're a fan of "Mr. Robot" or simply drawn to her character, this guide will help you channel your inner Angela Moss effectively.

 Mr Robot Angela Moss Costume


How To Dress Like Angela From Mr Robot

Step 1: Long Sleeve Jacket Start with a long sleeve jacket in a muted color, preferably black, gray, or dark blue. Angela often wears tailored jackets that convey professionalism.

Step 2: White Half Sleeve T-shirt Underneath the jacket, wear a plain white half-sleeve T-shirt. Angela's style is characterized by its simplicity and elegance.

Step 3: Navy Blue Skirt Pair the top with a knee-length navy blue skirt. Angela's skirts are typically modest and tailored, reflecting her corporate job.

Step 4: Black Stilettos For footwear, opt for classic black stilettos. Angela's footwear choices are often stylish and sophisticated.

Step 5: Black Handbag and Silver Circle Necklace Carry a black handbag to complete the look. Angela's accessories are minimal, so add a silver circle necklace for a subtle touch of elegance.

Bonus Step: Funko Pop Angela Action Figure If you want to incorporate a fun and unique element into your costume, consider carrying a Funko Pop Angela action figure. It's a playful nod to her character's quirks.

With these five steps, you'll capture Angela Moss's signature style, allowing you to embody her character effectively. Don't forget to pay attention to her hairstyle and makeup, as Angela's look evolves over the course of the series.


Angela Moss Cosplay

Acting like Angela Moss from "Mr. Robot" involves portraying her character's demeanor and personality. Here are five steps to help you act like Angela:

Step 1: Confidence and Poise Angela exudes confidence and poise in her professional life. Walk and move with purpose, maintaining good posture and self-assured body language.

Step 2: Politeness and Grace Angela is known for her polite and graceful interactions with others. Speak softly and respectfully, even in challenging situations. Use proper etiquette and avoid confrontations.

Step 3: Professionalism Embrace a professional demeanor. Angela takes her work seriously, so approach tasks and conversations with a high level of professionalism. Be detail-oriented and organized.

Step 4: Emotional Complexity Angela's character is emotionally complex. Show vulnerability and depth in your portrayal. Express moments of self-doubt, introspection, and longing while maintaining a facade of strength.

Step 5: Adaptability Angela adapts to various situations and personas throughout the series. Be prepared to switch between her corporate persona and her more rebellious side as the situation demands. Show flexibility in your interactions.

By following these steps, you can capture Angela Moss's character effectively, showcasing her unique blend of confidence, politeness, professionalism, emotional depth, and adaptability. Remember to watch and study her character in "Mr. Robot" to incorporate her nuances authentically.

About Angela Moss

Angela Moss is a central character in the TV series "Mr. Robot." She undergoes significant character development throughout the show. Initially introduced as a corporate employee working at E Corp, Angela portrays the image of a diligent, career-driven young woman. She's portrayed as ambitious and is often focused on climbing the corporate ladder.

As the series progresses, we see Angela grappling with ethical dilemmas and her own personal demons. She becomes disillusioned with the corporate world, particularly E Corp, which she believes is responsible for her mother's death due to a toxic chemical leak. This tragedy fuels her desire for revenge and justice.

Angela's character is complex. She's a master of concealing her emotions, often presenting a calm and composed exterior, especially in her professional life. However, beneath this facade, Angela experiences moments of doubt, fear, and internal conflict. She struggles with her involvement in the hacker group fsociety and her changing values and allegiances.

Throughout the series, Angela's character evolves into a symbol of moral ambiguity and the consequences of one's choices. Her journey is marked by personal transformation, as she goes from a corporate cog to a player in a larger, morally ambiguous game. Angela's character exemplifies the show's exploration of themes like power, control, and the impact of corporations on individuals and society.

Her portrayal by actress Portia Doubleday is critically acclaimed for its depth and nuance, making Angela Moss one of the standout characters in "Mr. Robot."

Additional Tips for a Captivating Angela Moss Costume

Creating an Angela Moss Halloween costume or cosplay goes beyond just clothing and accessories. To truly capture her character, here are some additional tips:

  1. Hairstyle and Makeup: Angela's appearance evolves throughout the series. Pay attention to her hairstyles and makeup as they change. You might need a sleek, professional look for her corporate persona or a more disheveled appearance for her rebellious side. Consider wigs and makeup to match her different looks accurately.
  2. Confident yet Vulnerable: Angela's character is a juxtaposition of confidence and vulnerability. Practice portraying both aspects. Show confidence in your posture and expressions, but also be prepared to convey moments of vulnerability through subtle facial expressions and body language.
  3. Study Key Scenes: Re-watch key scenes in "Mr. Robot" that feature Angela Moss. Pay attention to her interactions with other characters, as these moments often reveal her true character. Try to mimic her speech patterns and the way she handles various situations.
  4. Accessories and Details: Don't overlook the importance of small details. Angela's character is known for her attention to detail, so ensure your costume is well put together. If you're cosplaying a specific season or episode, match your accessories accordingly.
  5. Practice Her Lines: If you plan to attend events where you'll interact with fellow fans or participate in cosplay competitions, practice some of Angela's memorable lines from the series. Being able to deliver her lines authentically can enhance your portrayal.

Group Costume Ideas Alongside Angela Moss

Creating a group costume with Angela Moss as the focal character can be a fantastic idea. Here are some suggestions for group costumes that complement Angela's character:

  1. Fsociety Members: Recruit friends to portray other key members of the fsociety hacker group, such as Elliot Alderson, Mr. Robot, Darlene, and more. Dress in dark, hacker-inspired attire, and carry fsociety masks to complete the look.
  2. Corporate E Corp Employees: For a contrasting group, gather friends to dress as corporate E Corp employees. Wear formal business attire, carry E Corp badges, and adopt Angela's initial corporate persona. This contrast can be visually striking.
  3. Mr. Robot Characters: Assemble a group of characters from the show, including Elliot, Tyrell Wellick, Whiterose, and others. Each member can represent a different facet of the series' intricate plot.
  4. Evolution of Angela: Showcase Angela's character development by having multiple friends portray her at different stages of the series. One could represent her corporate self, another her rebellious side, and another her emotionally conflicted moments.

Angela Moss Costume FAQs

Q1: Can I cosplay Angela Moss at different points in the series?

Absolutely! Angela undergoes significant changes, and cosplaying her at different stages can be a creative and dynamic choice.

Q2: Do I need to use a wig for Angela's various hairstyles?

Yes, wigs can be helpful in replicating Angela's evolving hairstyles accurately. Look for wigs that match her different looks throughout the series.

Q3: Where can I find Angela's iconic accessories?

You can search for accessories that match Angela's style in costume shops, online marketplaces, or thrift stores. Don't forget to pay attention to details like her silver circle necklace and handbag.


In your quest to become Angela Moss, you've embarked on a fascinating journey into the depths of this complex and intriguing character. Her evolution from a corporate professional to a symbol of moral ambiguity in "Mr. Robot" showcases the intricate storytelling of the series. Your dedication to portraying Angela's character is commendable and adds a layer of depth to your Halloween or cosplay experience.

As you prepare to embrace Angela's confident yet vulnerable demeanor, her evolving style, and her interactions with other characters, you'll undoubtedly leave a lasting impression at any event. Your attention to detail in recreating her various looks, from professional to rebellious, demonstrates your commitment to the character.

Don't forget that Angela Moss is more than just an outfit; she's a symbol of the consequences of choices and the transformation of an individual in a complex world. By capturing her essence, you're not only participating in a costume but also paying tribute to a memorable character in the world of television.

So, as you perfect your posture, practice your lines, and step into Angela's shoes, do it with the confidence and poise that the character exudes. Embrace the duality of her personality, showing moments of strength and vulnerability. Whether you're attending a Halloween party or a convention, you'll undoubtedly stand out as a compelling Angela Moss.

In the end, the embodiment of Angela Moss is an opportunity to delve into the intricate storytelling of "Mr. Robot" and showcase the depth of character in a unique and captivating way. Your dedication to authenticity is a testament to your passion for cosplay and the world of television.

Now, go forth and conquer your next Halloween or cosplay event as Angela Moss, and leave a lasting impression with your attention to detail and character portrayal. Your journey into the world of Angela Moss has only just begun, and the experiences and memories you create will be as multifaceted as the character herself. Enjoy every moment of your transformation into this iconic character from "Mr. Robot."

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