Dress Like Nemo

Nemo Costume


You will need the following items for your Nemo Halloween costume:

  1. Women's Long-Sleeve Sweater
  2. Strap Velvet Jumpsuit
  3. Plush Pig
  4. Women's Plaid Pleated Skirt
  5. Women's Brown Elastic Shoes
  6. Lightweight Backpack
  7. Polka Dot Over The Calf Socks

Actress Marlow Barkley makes her feature film debut as the lead character Nemo. In this film, the character was gender flipped from the original comics and the 1989 animated adaptation. Nemo was homeschooled by her father until his death, so she struggled to adjust to the recent upheavals in her life. Her only escape is her dreams as her bed magically transports her to Slumberland, the land of dreams.

There she discovers a map that should lead her to a secret treasure. This sweetheart has the ability to grant her a single wish of what she wants most. She sets out on a quest to find this treasure with an eccentric outlaw named Flip, who is determined to find a way to see her late father again.


How To Dress Like Nemo From Slumberland

Slumberland Nemo Cosplay

Dress like Nemo from Slumberland;

Dressing like Nemo isn't that hard. To dress like her, you need a long striped sweater, a brown strappy jumpsuit, a plaid pleated skirt and brown shoes.

I'm sure you'll find many dresses in your wardrobe already, but if you can't find them, you can buy them from the online store. Don't forget to take the backpack and the little plush piggy to complete the outfit.

Nemo Halloween Costume

Slumberland Nemo Halloween Costume

Nemo is an 11-year-old who was raised in a lighthouse by her father, Peter. She had a rather unconventional childhood. She and her father had a close bond. He often told her stories of his childhood dreams in Slumberland with Flip. He encouraged Nemo to let her imagination run wild.

However, her idyllic life with her father comes to an end when he dies. Her uncle Philip becomes her guardian. Philip has good intentions and does his best to take care of Nemo. However, his awkward behavior stands in the way of a close bond with her.

She hopes that one day she will find her father again through her dreams with a little help from Flip.

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