Pizzazz Costume

Jem and the Holograms Pizzazz Costume

How To Dress Like Pizzazz From Jem And The Holograms

Pizzazz Outfits

Dress like Pizzazz from Jem and the Holograms;

Pizzazz Dress: Pizzazz wears a black and white tiger striped dress. The dress is pink on the left side. She wears a green scarf as a belt.

Pizzazz's Hair: Her hair is neon green. She keeps her hair messy.

Pizzazz's Accessories: She wears a neon green sock on her right leg and matching high heels. To complete your Pizzazz Halloween costume, don't forget a guitar, or just get an inflatable one if you don't have a real one.

Pizzazz Halloween Costume

Pizzazz Halloween Costume

Pizzazz wears a black and white tiger striped collar with a pink bodice and matching tiger stripe skirt. She wears a green sock with matching high heels, her hair matches her shoes as well. At the beginning of the series, she had a thinner collar and a shorter skirt with no bracelet. She also wore a black leg band in addition to her green sock sewn to the other leg, but her appearance was altered later.

Pizzazz Cosplay

Her real name is Phyllis Margaret Gabor, however she is simply known as her stage name Pizzazz. She  is not only the leader of The Misfits but  vocalist, rhythm guitarist of the band as well. 

Pizzazz is a spoiled, grumpy young woman who is the leader of the American rock band The Misfits. Serving as the antagonist of the series, she is jealous of Jem and her The Holograms and will do anything to sabotage them. She desires fame and worship above all else, although She doesn't understand that her aggressive personality prevents her from achieving this. Later, it was learned that she was much more sensitive and gentle, and that she truly cared for her father.

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