Dress Like Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy Costume


Poison Ivy Costume Second Option

Poison Ivy DC Costume 2

You will need the following items for your Poison Ivy Halloween Costume 2:

How To Dress Like Poison Ivy From DC

Poison Ivy DC Halloween Costume

Dress Like Poison Ivy From DC;

Poison Ivy Costume: Sexy strapless jumpsuit velvet, curly wavy red wigs, pantyhose high waist, long velvet gloves, long boots, sexy bodysuit, green gloves, stretch fashion long boots.

Poison Ivy Costume Accessories: Festival garter leg wraps, lethal beauty Poison Ivy costume.

Poison Ivy Halloween Costume

Poison Ivy DC Cosplay

She wore her now-classic suit with an ivy crown on the head, a frond corset and light green ivy patterned tights on the legs. Finished off with a pair of green pixie-heeled boots. Poison Ivy's look is a bit seasonal. Poison Ivy wears her red prison shirt. The tendrils of her costume were placed on her skin.

Poison Ivy Cosplay

Poison Ivy is an eco-terrorist and enemy of Batman. Poison Ivy is motivated by an obsession with plants, botany, and environmentalism, with a desire to save the world from man's evils by any means necessary. A scientist and metahuman, Poison Ivy uses pheromones and toxins from plants and her own bloodstream in her criminal activities.

Poison Ivy is fully aware of her beauty and will use it to get what she wants, aided by the pheromones her biology provides for her. Ivy is a sociopath who kills people her way. She shows her love for her plants, which she treats like her own children. She has a particular hatred of men.

She constantly tries to help and protect Harley. Harley, as she essentially reminds Ivy of her own humanity. Ivy also has a brilliant intellect.

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