Lead with Grace: Queen Tara Halloween Costume Tips

Are you ready to rule over the Leaf People and save the forest? Then you're in the right place, as we're here to show you how to become the fearless leader, Queen Tara, from the animated film Epic.

Queen Tara Costume


You will need the following items for your Queen Tara Halloween costume:

  1. Green Blouse
  2. Plain High Low Blouse
  3. Wedding Dress
  4. Ballet Flat

How To Dress Like Queen Tara From Epic

Queen Tara Outfits

Step 1: Dress the Part Queen Tara's iconic look begins with her enchanting green dress. To recreate it, find a green dress or sew your own using green fabric. Make sure it features a high neckline, long sleeves, and a fitted bodice.

Step 2: Adorn Yourself Queen Tara is adorned with jewelry fit for a queen. Seek out costume jewelry resembling her necklace, bracelets, and earrings. Alternatively, craft your own using beads, wire, and glue.

Step 3: Step into Queenly Shoes Queen Tara gracefully walks in green high-heeled shoes. You can either buy a pair or dye shoes you already own to match her regal attire.

Step 4: Master the Makeup To capture Queen Tara's distinct green complexion, apply green body paint or makeup. If you're feeling bold, add green contacts to truly embody her appearance.

Step 5: Crown Yourself Craft a majestic crown made of leaves and flowers, either by hot gluing them to a headband or using craft materials. This will complete your transformation into the Queen of the Leaf People.

Queen Tara Cosplay

Queen Tara Halloween Costume

How to Act Like Queen Tara at Your Halloween Party in 5 Steps

Step 1: Exude Confidence Queen Tara is a symbol of strength and confidence. Hold your head high and speak with conviction, just like a true leader.

Step 2: Embrace Grace Practice a royal wave and move with grace and poise. Channel Queen Tara's elegance in your every gesture.

Step 3: Radiate Kindness Show compassion and warmth to fellow partygoers. Queen Tara is known for her kindness and fairness.

Step 4: Share Wisdom Listen attentively and make thoughtful decisions. Queen Tara's wisdom is one of her defining qualities.

Step 5: Embody Strength Stand up for what's right and be ready to defend your kingdom, even if it's just your Halloween party. Queen Tara is brave and fearless, and you should be too.

About Queen Tara

Let's delve into the heart of Queen Tara's character, exploring the essence that makes her a captivating leader in the animated film Epic. Queen Tara, the majestic ruler of the Leaf People, embodies beauty, courage, and wisdom. Dressed in a resplendent green gown, she commands attention not only through her attire but also through her unwavering confidence and grace.

In the realm of the Leaf People, Queen Tara stands as a symbol of strength, kindness, and leadership. Her character is defined not only by her regal appearance but also by her compassion, fairness, and deep connection with the forest.

As you embark on your journey to become Queen Tara, remember to channel her inner strength, kindness, and the wisdom that sets her apart. This insight into her character will not only enhance your costume portrayal but also allow you to embody the very spirit of this beloved animated queen.

Stay tuned for the upcoming sections, where we'll provide additional tips and guidance to elevate your transformation into the Queen of the Leaf People.

Additional Tips for Your Transformation

To elevate your Queen Tara transformation, consider the following tips:

  • Immerse yourself in the world of the forest and its inhabitants.
  • Speak with a regal tone and use graceful gestures.
  • Familiarize yourself with forest-related knowledge to share with your subjects (party guests).
  • Practice your royal wave and speech for added authenticity.
  • Don't forget to wear a warm smile—it's a queenly trait.

Reign Together - Epic Group Costume Ideas

Why rule the forest alone when you can assemble an Epic group to enhance your Halloween adventure? Bring the magical world of Epic to life by gathering friends and family to create a diverse cast of characters. Here are some enchanting group costume ideas to complement your reign as Queen Tara:

  1. Ronin: Lead your group with the fearless Leafman warrior, Ronin. Dressed in dark and tactical attire, Ronin brings a sense of strength and strategy to the ensemble.
  2. M.K.: Include the teenage girl who discovers the Leaf People, M.K. She can join the group in her casual clothing, armed with her trusty frying pan, ready for an Epic adventure.
  3. Nod: A Leafman and M.K.'s companion, Nod adds a touch of charm to the group. With leafy attire and a mischievous demeanor, he complements the forest-themed gathering.
  4. Professor Bomba: For a touch of scientific intrigue, invite Professor Bomba to the group. Dressed as the inquisitive scientist studying the forest's secrets, he brings an intellectual flair.

By uniting these characters, you'll create a captivating forest atmosphere that mirrors the magical world of Epic. Whether protecting the forest, embarking on an adventure, or unraveling its secrets, your group can embody the diverse and enchanting cast of characters from this animated masterpiece.

Queen Tara Costume FAQs

Q- Is it necessary to replicate Queen Tara's exact costume, or can I add personal touches?

A- While replicating Queen Tara's costume is fantastic, feel free to infuse your style. Enhance the costume with unique accessories or color variations to create a personalized yet regal look.

Q- What are some Queen Tara-approved makeup tips?

A- Embrace a natural and luminous makeup look with earthy tones to complement Queen Tara's connection to nature. Consider adding subtle floral or leaf accents for an enchanting touch.

Q- How can I embody Queen Tara's graceful demeanor at a Halloween party?

A- Practice graceful movements and maintain a regal posture. Channel Queen Tara's wisdom and kindness, engaging with others in a warm and welcoming manner.

Q- Are there specific Queen Tara quotes or phrases I should use?

A- Queen Tara is known for her wisdom and inspirational words. Incorporate poetic or uplifting phrases into your conversations to capture her spirit.

Q- Can I wear the Queen Tara costume to events beyond Halloween parties?

A- Absolutely! Queen Tara's elegant and timeless look is suitable for various occasions, including costume events, fantasy-themed gatherings, or even Renaissance fairs.

Q- What accessories can enhance the Queen Tara costume?

A- Adorn your costume with nature-inspired accessories such as leaf-shaped jewelry, floral crowns, or a magical staff. These additions will amplify the enchanting Queen Tara vibe.

Q- How can I replicate Queen Tara's hairstyle?

A- Achieve Queen Tara's ethereal hairstyle with loose waves or curls. Consider incorporating flowers or delicate vines into your hair for an authentic touch.

Q- What type of footwear complements the Queen Tara costume?

Opt for elegant sandals or flats that match the color scheme of your costume. Choose comfort, as Queen Tara's grace is best expressed with unhindered movement.
Prepare to embody the essence of Queen Tara with these FAQs. Whether you're attending a Halloween party or a magical event, may your costume reflect the regality and enchantment of the Queen of the Forest.


Congratulations on embarking on the enchanting journey of becoming Queen Tara for Halloween! With each carefully chosen detail and every graceful movement, you'll bring the mystical world of "Epic" to life. Let your costume resonate with the spirit of the Queen of the Forest, and may your Halloween celebration be filled with magic and wonder.

As you prepare to don Queen Tara's regal attire and embody her majestic presence, remember to enjoy every moment of the transformation. Whether you're strolling through the autumnal landscape or enchanting fellow partygoers, let the character of Queen Tara shine through.

In this guide, we've covered the essential elements of Queen Tara's costume, shared tips on acting the part, and even provided FAQs to ensure you're well-prepared for the Halloween festivities. Now, armed with knowledge and creativity, step into the role of the benevolent ruler and captivate everyone with your ethereal charm.

Wishing you a Halloween filled with enchantment, joy, and a touch of the mystical world of "Epic." May your portrayal of Queen Tara leave a lasting impression and make this Halloween an unforgettable experience for you and those fortunate enough to witness the magic you bring to life.

Happy Halloween, and may you reign as the true Queen of the Forest!

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