Raquel Murillo Outfits

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Raquel Murillo Outfits

Dress Like Raquel Murillo From La Casa De Papel ( Money Heist)

Raquel Murillo

Dress like Raquel Murillo from La Casa De Papel ( Money Heist);

Raquel Murillo Detective Outfit: As she is a detective she has a formal yet sportive style. You need a blue oxford shirt, navy trousers, and a black dress belt. 

Raquel Murillo Accessories: To complete your Raquel Murillo cosplay costume don't forget to get a brown shoulder holster, toy gun and Spanish police (Cuerpo Nacional Policia) badge.

Raquel Murillo Cosplay Costume

Raquel Murillo Cosplay

Raquel is strong and calm. She asserts herself in the male-dominated police corps. She was responsible for negotiating with the professor.

However, Raquel can also be manipulated. She was mistreated by her husband, Alberto Vicuña, which likely affected her confidence. The professor used this knowledge to his advantage during the negotiations.

Raquel cares a lot about her family. She forgives her mother, Mariví Fuentes, even if she jeopardizes the investigation and allows her abusive ex-husband to hang out with her daughter Paula Vicuña Murillo. She took her mother and daughter to the Philippines and was obviously concerned when the police threatened to go to the Philippines to find them.

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