Dress Like Sandy Cheeks

Sandy Cheeks Costume


You will need the following items for your Sandy Cheeks Halloween costume:

  1. Women’s Astronaut Costume
  2. Clear Acrylic Globe – with 5.25 in. Neckless Opening
  3. Pink Gerber Daisies
  4. Squirrel Ears Headband
  5. White Gloves
  6. Oversized Squirrel Tail
  7. Waterproof Grey Boots

 The SpongeBob SquarePants franchise has ten main characters, and one of them is our beloved Sandy.  She is a squirrel from the surface.  She wears a diving suit and lives in an air-filled glass tree dome in order to survive underwater. 

Dressing up as Sandy from Sponge Bob may seem a hard work, but it actually is pretty easy. You will need an astronaut costume, white gloves and gray boots. You can then outfit yourself with squirrel ears and tail. The last item you will need is a pink daisy to place on top of your headpiece to complete your Sandy Cheeks look.

How To Dress Like Sandy From Sponge Bob Square Pants

Sandy Cheeks Halloween Costume

Dress like Sandy from Sponge Bob;

Sandy Cheeks Costume: As an inhabitant of the earth, Sandy is eager to learn more about the citizens of Bikini Bottom and live with them. She will have to wear a clear glass helmet that provides her with oxygen to achieve this. The second piece you will absolutely need is a white jumpsuit. You will also need squirrel ears and tail. Complete your Sandy Cheeks costume with a pink flower, white gloves, gray boots and a sticker with a nut on.

Sandy Cheeks Halloween Costume

When Sandy is outside of her tree dome, she is most often seen wearing her suit for oxygen. A yellow square-shaped patch with an acorn is on the suit. There are three rings on the sleeves, two red rings and one blue ring. A big glass helmet with a flower with a yellow center and five pink floral petals is what completes her suit. She also wears graphite boots with a red dot on each side of the boots.

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