Silent Hill Nurse Costume

Silent Hill Nurse Halloween Costume

 You need the following items for your Nurse from Silent Hill Halloween costume:

  1. Silent Hill Nurse Costume
  2. Silent Hill Nurse Mask
  3. Bloody Butcher Knife Toy
  4. White Low Heel Shoes
  5. Silent Heel Nurse Action Figure

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Silent Hill Nurse Halloween Costume

In the original Silent Hill game, Silent Hill Nurses are called Puppet Nurses. Brunette or blond haired women wear blue or green cardigans and white blouses with matching skirts. They were nurses working at Alchemilla Hospital, but because of Alessa Gillespie's powers, they were controlled by parasites and gave them a hunchback. They carry the scalpels they use to attack the player. They exhibit some smart behavior; When it's two or more, one holds Harry Mason steady so the other nurse can stab him. They also have Puppet Doctors who are a male counterpart who just appears in this game.

These monsters were created from the memories of Alessa's hospitalization and the nurses working there, including Lisa Garland. They did not necessarily belong, but they acted as puppets of the Order by keeping it alive.

Dress Like Nurses From Silent Hill

Silent Hill Nurse

Nurses are a recurring type of monster and a staple of the Silent Hill series, showing one or the other in all games, except for Shattered Memories. They visually resemble and share many common features throughout the series, only as an exception due to a continuity that was established at that time, which became more apparent in the original Silent Hill and Silent Hill 2. known and important monsters in the dealership.

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