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Stick Figure Costume


How To Dress Like Stick Figure Glowy Zoey

Stick Figure Glowy Zoey Halloween Costume

Dress like Stick Figure Glowy Zoey;

Stick Figure Glowy Zoey Costume Mask & Glove: #1 mask glowing glove led light up the scary mask, #2 red skull skeleton light up a full face mask, #6 LED light up el wire mask.

Stick Figure Glowy Zoey Costume Shoe: #3 unisex led shoe high-top light-up sneaker.

Stick Figure Glowy Zoey Costumes: #4 light-up adult stick figure costume, #5 adult unisex led light-up stick figure costume jumpsuit.

Stick Figure Glowy Zoey Halloween Costume

Stick Figure Glowy Zoey Cosplay

Glowy Zoey is the first and pioneer in LED light-up stick figure suits. This idea came from Royce Hutain, who came up with the idea for his daughter Zoey's first-ever Halloween costume. Little did he know that one day this would actually become a business? Get the stick figure look with this Glowy Zoey costume.

If you don't have an original Glowy Zoey, you can make the suit with a black t-shirt, hoodie, fleece pants, black sneakers, and a glow-in-the-dark stick figure costume set.

Walking as glowing stick figures is even more fun when you do it in a group. Go with your family or friends in different colors.

Stick Figure Glowy Zoey Cosplay

Royce Hutain snapped his then-2-year-old daughter Zoey in a colorful stick figure suit and shared it on social media.

People liked the idea of ​​the Glowy Zoey suits because they were fun and unique. Glowy Zoey suits are of high quality. Royce is proud to say that his costumes are not cheap quality.

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