Dress Like Super Lois

Lois Lane Costume



You will need the following item for your Lois Lane Halloween costume:

  1. Long Sleeve Button Down Shirt
  2. Calvin Klein Women's Petite Skirt
  3. Casual Versatile Racerback Vest
  4. Lois Lane Daily Planet Press Pass
  5. Women's Cambredge Pump

Lois Lane is an investigative journalist. Raised by a military general, she is more than capable of handling herself in almost any situation. She's a long-time romantic interest and eventual wife of Superman. Their son is named Jonathan Samuel Kent.

If you are working at an office, you probably have nearly all the items required for this cosplay. If not, don't worry. This cosplay is for those who don't like wear then throw away costumes. 


Super Lois Costume


How To Dress Like Super Lois From All-Star Superman

Super Lois Costume

Dress like Super Lois;

Super Lois Costume: For your Super Lois Halloween costume, you will need a blue bodysuit, a yellow sleeveless backless crop and leather knee-high flat slouch boots.

Super Lois Accessories: To complete your Super Lois look, don't forget to get a red Supergirl cloak, a circle chain belt, and last but not least, red long gloves.


Super Lois Halloween Costume

Super Lois Costume Outfit

Lois is the eldest of two children of successful military officer Sam Lane and Ella Lane. Her father, who wanted a son but took two daughters instead, subtly resented her children and treated each of them as if they were members of her own unit in childhood. This included combat training, and Lois had once confirmed that she even taught them to throw knives with their toes. This harsh upbringing made Lois believe she had to fight for her fair share of the world's men.

Lois and her family, whose father is in the military, moved a lot while growing up. When he was fifteen, while her family was living near Metropolis, she approached Perry White of the Daily Planet and asked him for a job. Lois lied and said she was nineteen, but her sister Lucy told Perry the truth. Overhearing some reporters say that anyone with knowledge of Lex Luthor would get on Perry's good side, Lois decided to try the seemingly impossible and sneaked into Luthor's tower after dark and tried to steal some files. However, she is overpowered by Luthor, who rows him and sends him on her way. Perry was so impressed that she agreed to hire him anyway.

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