Dress Like Suzie From Season 4

Suzie Season 4 Costume


You will need the following items for your Suzie Season 4 Halloween Costume:

Suzie Season 4 Plaid Set Costume

How To Dress Like Suzie From Stranger Things Season 4

Jonathan Byers Stranger Things Season 4 Halloween Costume

Dress like Suzie From Stranger Things Season 4;

Suzie Wig: Brown hair wig.

Suzie Glasses: Clear brown retro round glasses.

Suzie Shirt: Yellow Peter Pan blouse.

Suzie Top: Knitted sweater.

Suzie Halloween Costume

Jonathan Byers Stranger Things Season 4 Cosplay

Like Dustin, Suzie is interested in science and comics. Due to her religious family and her looks, Suzie is likely to be sheltered and quiet, leading to her nerdy nature. When Dustin calls Suzie and asks if she knows Planck's constant, she jokingly remarks, "Do you know that the earth orbits the sun?" and recites the complicated number by heart, showing that she is an intelligent and hardworking girl.

Suzie Cosplay

She is shown to be able to operate a ham radio as this is her primary mode of communication with Dustin. She is also quite sentimental and romantic, being particularly happy to hear from Dustin and seeming to particularly enjoy singing with him.

There are also signs of jealousy for Suzie when she overhears Erica muttering to Dustin that she already has the number. Suzie suspiciously asks who that was, but Dustin lies by saying someone is overlapping the frequency.

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