Sweeney Todd Halloween Costume 2020

Sweeney Todd Halloween Costume

Dress Like Sweeney Todd

Dress Like Sweeney Todd

Dress like Sweeney Todd;

Sweeney Todd Costume: Sweeney Todd wears victorian style outfits. He is seen in flurry shirt, black suit vest and striped pants.

Sweeney Todd Wig: Sweeney has black curly hair with white forelock which may be a sign that he suffers a genetic condition called poliosis.

Sweeney Todd Accessories: As a barber and a serial killer Sweeney's most curial tool is his straight razor. Don't forget to get black scarf and grey fingerless gloves to complete your Sweeney Todd cosplay costume.

Sweeney Todd Cosplay

Sweeney Todd Cosplay

Sweeney Todd, real name Benjamin Barker, is the main character and title character of the Broadway musical and its film adaptation. Benjamin Barker is a skilled hairdresser who serves the men of London at his facility on Fleet Street. He is married to Lucy Barker and they have a daughter, Johanna. Benjamin Barker served 15 years of life imprisonment in a "living hell" in an Australian prison. After escaping custody, he returns to London on a ship with a new friend, Anthony. Anthony only knows Benjamin by his new name, Sweeney Todd.

Sweeney Todd Costume

Sweeney Todd's real name is Benjamin Barker, a hairdresser accused of a crime he did not commit. He was sentenced to life in an Australian prison, but escaped after 15 years.

When Barker returns to London, he decides to start over and returns with the name Sweeney Todd so that no one recognizes him by name.

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