Dress Like Vittorio Toscano

Vittorio Toscano Costume


You will need the following items for your Vittorio Toscano Halloween costume:

  1. Leather Motorcycle Jacket
  2. Medieval Pirate Shirts
  3. Fingerless Leather Gloves
  4. Slim Fit Jean
  5. Stainless Steel Necklace
  6. Engineer Boots


How To Dress Like Vittorio From Dead by Daylight

Vittorio Toscano Halloween Costume

Dress like Vittorio Toscano;

Vittorio Toscano Costume: For your Vittorio Toscano Halloween costume, you will need a leather motorcycle jacket, medieval pirate shirts, slim fit jeans and engineer boots.

Vittorio Toscano Accessories: To complete your Vittorio Toscano, don't forget to get a fingerless leather gloves and stainless steel necklace.


Vittorio Toscano Halloween Costume

Vittorio Toscano Halloween Outfit Cosplay Costume

Born in 1343 to Alberto and Caterina Toscano, Vittorio Toscano was the youngest of three siblings and third in line to inherit his family's land. When he was fifteen, his father sent him to train with Ettore Fabrizio, the knight who trained his older brothers in the military arts. However, Vittorio Toscano did not receive combat training like his brothers did. As a philosopher, he believed physical violence was the last resort for the incompetent. Infuriated by Vittorio's pacifism, Fabrizio told one of his pages to attack him. Vittorio dodges and dodges the blows, but refuses to resist. When he lunged at his opponent, Vittorio parried. The attacker tripped and fell on his own knife. In less than a minute he bled and Vittorio threw his sword to the ground, vowing never to retake it. As Vittorio showed a talent for the scholarship, his frustrated father sent him to study with his Uncle Renzo. In addition to being the Duke of Portoscuro, Renzo was also a scholar and collector of rare artifacts. Under Renzo's tutelage, Vittorio focused his studies on lost civilizations and ancient history. He explored forgotten volumes and became acquainted with the philosophy and wisdom of ancient secret societies and obscure guardians of knowledge. Preservatives exist in almost every century and culture. Guardians, are given various names depending on time and region, and said to be from another dimension, a perfect world. He collected everything about the Watchers, the Guardians, the Guides, the Masters, the Observers.

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