Al Bundy Costume

Al Bundy Costume

How To Dress Like Al Bundy From Married With Children

Al Bundy Cosplay

Dress like Al Bundy from Married With Children;

Al Bundy Shirt: For your Al Bundy costume you should get a classic fit dress shirt. To give the right look unfasten the collars and roll up the sleeves just like Al Bundy does.

Al Bundy Pants: Al Bundy wears classic fit dress pants mostly brown, black, or beige in color.

Al Bundy Jacket:  Al Bundy's golf jacket is one of his signature outfits.

Al Bundy Halloween Costume

Al Bundy Outfits

Al Bundy (Ed O'Neill) is the husband of Peggy Bundy, father of Kelly and Bud Bundy, and longtime women's shoe seller at Gary's Shoes. Al is known to have heard stories of his high school soccer excitement about the time he heard four touchdowns in another game for the Chicago all-city championship game in 1966. and to make his wife and the Bundy curse for the result of his living conditions. Al Bundy is also known as the founder of NO MA'AM, an anti-feminist organization. Al is also contradicting his 1971 Dodge, the years-old hat that never quite belongs to him. The Dodge is said to be a 1971 model; "Episode: Requiem for a Chevyweight" reveals that Al had had the Dodge since high school, which he graduated from in the late 1960s

Al Bundy Cosplay

As the series progressed, Al said his childhood was very ideal, as opposed to now that he was eating. Al had a strong relationship with his father and it can be seen that he has the memories and his father together like he had the hammer with the one in "When Al Had a Hammer" or the collection of playboys his father gave him desperately gave up looking for Miss October had. It also means that his mother started the alcohol war and Al told Steve Rhodes in Desperately Seeking Miss that they get drunk on Singapore Slings and then pass out, that he and his father sneak into the basement and take his collection of playboys, who share a father-son moment for themselves. Al still had to worry about his mother and lost that she was better.

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