Dress Like Avik San

Avik San Costume


You will need the following items for your Avik San Halloween Costume:

Court Gentry The Gray Man Outfits
Dani Miranda The Gray Man Outfits
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How To Dress Like Avik San From The Gray Man

Avik San The Gray Man Halloween Costume

Dress like Avik San from The Gray Man;

Avik San Costume Blazer Suit: #1 vintage ethnic style party jacket blazer pants set

Avik San Costume Accessories: #2 lava rock 7 chakras crystals and healing stones, #3 14k yellow gold Aztec Mayan calendar charm pendant, #6 18k gold thin Italian box chain necklace.

Avik San Wig: #4 black wig short layered natural.

Avik San Costume Dress Shirt: #5 purple dress shirt regular fit stain shield stretch.

Avik San Shoe: #7 Chelsea slip on chukka ankle boots casual dress boot.

Avik San Halloween Costume

Avik San The Gray Man Cosplay

Dhanush’s character in The Gray Man is called Avik San. Fans were completely focused on his brawny look from the movie.

The film also has popular Hollywood actors Ryan Gosling, Chris Evans, and Ana de Armas. Dhanush is said to be playing the head of one of the teams that are after freelance assassin and former CIA operative Court Gentry played by Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans is Ryan's psychopathic adversary.

Avik San Cosplay

Dhanush's character is called Avik San as a killing machine, unstoppable but not unprincipled. He accepts the assignment to terminate Sierra 6.

Talking about his character in the film Dhanush says, "It's always fun to play a baddie but there's a lot of gray to this character. The brothers gave me a beautiful backstory for Avik San. He comes from a very poor background and he's worked his way up to being the best of the best at what he does. He's an assassin and a brutal murderer but he has his own ethics and he doesn't like to kill unnecessarily. At his core, he's a man of honor."

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