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How To Dress Like Court Gentry From The Gray Man

Court Gentry The Gray Man Halloween Costume

Dress like Court Gentry from The Gray Man;

Court Gentry Jackets: #1 lightweight full zip wind jacket, #3 stand collar jacket.

Court Gentry Pants: #4 ankle cotton pant, #6 tactical combat work pant.

Court Gentry Watch: #5 stainless steel leather strap watch.

Court Gentry Wig & Beard: #7 golden brown short straight wig, #8 fake beard mustache.

Court Gentry Shoes: #9 Adidas sneaker, #13 brown dress boot.

Court Gentry Accessories: #2 crew t-shirt, #10 makeup blood, #11 cap toy pistol, #12 professional grade handcuff.

Court Gentry Halloween Costume

Court Gentry The Gray Man Cosplay

Court Gentry had worked for Sir Donald Fitzroy for four years, beginning within months of the night the CIA announced they no longer needed the services of their most experienced and successful man-hunter, so they planted a bomb in his car, a hit squad at his home, and an international warrant processed by the Justice Department that was distributed.

He was desperate for work to support his life in hiding from the US government, so he hired Sir Donald Fitzroy. He ran what appeared to be a decent security firm, but was connected to the black side of Cheltenham Security Services, conducting hits and renditions with the CIA's Special Activities Division, so it was a natural place for him to look for work.

Gentry took on the toughest of tough operations, going into bandit country alone, confronting legions of enemies, and building a reputation and bank account unrivaled in his low-key line of business. In four years he had satisfactorily conducted 12 operations against terrorists and terrorist paymasters, white slavery profiteers, drug and illegal arms smugglers, and Russian mafia kingpins.

Court Gentry Cosplay

Court trained daily with tactical officers at his father's SWAT school. By the time he was 16, Court was teaching SWAT teams hand-to-hand combat techniques. At eighteen he got into a bad gang in Miami, worked for a Colombian gang for a while, and was arrested in Key West for shooting three Cuban drug dealers in Fort Lauderdale.

CIA boss who had been trained at Court's father's hunting lodge kidnapped the boy from prison and sent him to work in a secret division within the Operations Directorate. He worked in covert operations around the world for several years, mostly on the side, he was transferred to the Special Activities Division and served on an irregular rendition task force. Officially known as the Special Detachment Golf Sierra, it was affectionately referred to as the Goon Squad by the few who knew everything.

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