Beth Harmon Outfits

Beth Harmon Outfits

Beth Harmon

Beth Harmon Outfits
Lightweight Mockneck Sweater Removable Faux Fur Wool Coat Bootcut White Work Pants Pom Pom Beanie Hat Touchscreen Leather Gloves Short Orange Wig White Ankle Boot Wooden Chess Set Analog Chess Clock

Dress Like Beth Harmon

Beth Harmon Clothes

Dress Like Beth Harmon From Netflix's The Queen's Gambit;

Beth Harmon Coat: Beth likes wool coats. In her iconic all-white outfit she wears a knee-high white wool coat.

Beth Harmon Beanie Hat: You need a white beanie with white pom pom.

Beth Harmon Shoes: Beth wears white ankle boots that match her overall outfit.

Beth Harmon Clothes

Dress Lik Beth Harmon

Beth's closet has a very distinct color. She wears black, white, cream, and checkered prints with a pop in a base color like yellow or red. Beth wears A-line silhouettes - tops with Peter Pan collars, boat necks, and heart-shaped cutouts with bows and buttons. The chess champ is more likely to be seen in dresses and high-waisted mini or midi skirts, but in the colder months, she occasionally rocks chinos with an oversized sweater. In winter, their signature outerwear is a woolen coat with a button placket that goes with a beret and gloves, while a classic high-necked black sweater is a wardrobe staple.

Beth Harmon Fashion

Monocolor is the easiest way for an attention-grabbing outfit. Beth Harmon uses this method a lot. Everything looks white here, sometimes everything is black. Anna Wintour famously said that the only thing she would never wear is just black, but then again, it's one of Audrey Hepburn's most famous styles. And who should we argue with Audrey? Beth takes the trend to the next level by including her accessories, a pair of heeled boots, and a hat in her monocolor style.

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