Benny Watts Outfits

Benny Watts Costume

Benny Watts Costume
Leather Duster CoatGildan Heavy Cotton T-ShirtDickies Long-Sleeve Work ShirtWrangler Relaxed Fit Cotton JeanBrown Leather BeltBrown Fedora HatFrench Rope Chain Necklace For MenBlack Straight Edge Knife With SheathBlack Chelsea Boot

Leather Duster Coat

Gildan Heavy Cotton T-Shirt

Dickies Long-Sleeve Work Shirt

Wrangler Relaxed Fit Cotton Jean

Brown Leather Belt

Brown Fedora Hat

French Rope Chain Necklace For Men

Black Straight Edge Knife With Sheath

Black Chelsea Boot

Dress Like Benny Watts From The Queen's Gambit

Dress Like Benny Watts From The Queen's Gambit

Dress like Benny Watts from The Queen's Gambit;

Benny Watts Jacket: Benny's jacket is one of his signature outfits.  He carries it quite awesomely with his self-confidence. You need a full-length black leather trench coat for that purpose.

Benny Watts Hat: Another one of Benny's signature outfit is... you are right, his fedora hat. Just get a brown, Indiana Jones style fedora hat.

Benny Watts Costume


Benny is a clever chess player who has studied various styles of chess over time. It reflects Harmon's ability to visualize chess positions in his head, but Benny does so without the help of drugs. All in all, as a trainer Harmon conveys valuable experiences and self-care, which she ignored for a long time in order to be successful against the Soviet grandmaster Vasily Borgov.

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