Dress Like Blockbuster

Blockbuster Costume


You will need the following items for your Blockbuster Halloween costume:

  1. Polo Shirts for Men
  2. Blockbuster Video Membership Card
  3. Blockbuster Name Tag
  4. Men's Straight Fit Jeans
  5. Blockbuster Video Stickers
  6. Men's Casual Dress Sneakers
  7. The Blockbuster Game

Blockbuster, stylized as BLOCKBUSTER, is an American comedy series created by Vanessa Ramos and based on the infamous Blockbuster video store. The series follows Timmy as he runs the last Blockbuster store in America with his friends by his side.

How To Dress Like Blockbuster Characters

Blockbuster Cosplay

Dress like Blockbuster Characters;

To dress like a Blockbuster store employee, you need a polo shirt, a Blockbuster Video Membership card, a Blockbuster name tag, a cream straight fit jeans and white shoes. If you want to get the Blockbuster game, you can browse the online store.

Blockbuster Halloween Costume

Blockbuster Halloween Costume

Timmy Yoon is an analogue dreamer in a 5G world. He has devoted his entire adult life to his first love, film, a passion that has kept him in his first and only job, managing his hometown of Blockbuster Video. Then, alarmed, Timmy learns that his business is officially the last blockbuster in America.

He has no choice now but to take action to stay open and keep his friends busy. Timmy and his colleagues quickly discover that the home of the latest blockbuster could be just what their community needs to revitalize the human connections they've lost in the digital age. It also unexpectedly reunites him with his longtime crush Eliza, who recently got back working for him. Will this struggle to preserve the past be the nudge Timmy needs to step into the present? His employees can only hope for that.

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