Will Smith 90s Outfit Ideas

Will Smith 90s Outfits


Will Smith The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

You need the following items for your Will Smith 90s Halloween Costume:

How To Dress Like Will Smith From The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Will Smith The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Halloween Costume

Dress Like Will Smith From The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air;

Will Smith 90s Nostalgia Costume: Striped t-shirt, beach shorts 90s, Nike Jordan Air 13 retro.

Will Smith 90s Nostalgia Accessories: Semi-rimless frame sunglasses, flat visor hat, and natural earth necklace.

Will Smith 90s Halloween Costume

Will Smith The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Cosplay

Will Smith 90s Nostalgia Clothing: Wearing a bright neon striped t-shirt paired with shorts with a neon trim matching his neon hat.  Around his neck are sunglasses and a cell phone in his hand. These accessories are certainly so 90s.

Smith displayed the popular 90s neon colors yellow and purple, the multi-patterned trend. 90s fashion was toward rebellious, relaxed moods. 90s fashion was styled together with Hip Hop culture: streetwear, sneaker style.

Will Smith 90s Cosplay

Will Smith is a rapper and actor. Will Smith has won Grammy Awards. He started out as a rapper on the television series The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Its popularity increased dramatically. He starred in the films Hitch, Aladdin, and Men in Black.

Will Smith was married to Jada Pinkett Smith. Together they have two children. Will Smith won his first Oscar this year for his portrayal of Richard Williams in King Richard. Will's Oscar win was overshadowed for slapping Chris Rock in the face.

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