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How To Dress Like Blondie From The Good The Bad And The Ugly

How To Dress Like Blondie From The Good The B

Dress like Blondie from The Good The Bad And The Ugly; western poncho, suede vest, cowboy cut jeans, gun belt, cowboy hat, toy reolver (pref m1861) and fake cigar, to complete your Blondie (Man with no name) costume don't forget to get silk scarf and western boots.

Man With No Name Costume

Man With No Name Costume

Man with no name aka "Joe", "Manco" and "Blondie" was active in the civil war and only in the following decade.

During his career, he fetched gold buried in Sad Hill Cemetery, helped arrest outlaw El Indio, and brought peace to the city of San Miguel.

During his time as a ranch worker, the man with no name was always in conflict with another ranch hand called Carvell. The two faced each other in a duel.

Man With No Name Cosplay Costume

The man with no name is portrayed by Clint Eastwood. His real name is unknown. In The Good the Bad and the Ugly Tuco refers to him as "Blondie", probably because of his relatively fair skin. He embodies the archetypal characteristics of the American film cowboy - toughness, exceptional physical strength or size, independence and dexterity with a weapon - but deviates from the original archetype because of his morality. Unlike the traditional film cowboy, illustrated by actors John Wayne, Alan Ladd and Randolph Scott, the man without a name will fight dirty because of his self-defined sense of justice and shoot first if necessary.

He is generally portrayed as an outsider, mercenary or bounty hunter, or even an outlaw. It is characteristically quiet and laconic. The character is a frequently quoted example of an antihero, although he has a weakness for people in great difficulty. While saving Marisol in a handful of dollars, he replies when asked about his motives with a terse "I knew someone like you once ... and there was nobody who could help." Combined with the comment "I've never found such a great home" and the statement that it comes from Illinois, this sums up the only personal story the viewer has ever had is obtained.

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