Dress Like Carl Fredricksen

Carl Fredricksen Costume


How To Dress Like Carl Fredricksen From Up

Carl Fredricksen Halloween Costume Up

Dress Like Carl Fredricksen From Up;

Carl Fredricksen Costume: White Tommy Hilfiger shirt, brown-grey tweed herringbone suits, dress loafers shoes, brown Italian leather belt, wool tweed trousers.

Carl Fredricksen Costume Accessories: Old man oversized thick glasses, walker tennis ball glides, 500 beer caps crafts, bluetooth headphones, black bowtie, suspender, white wigs short, walking cane.

Carl Fredricksen Halloween Costume

Carl Fredricksen Cosplay Up

He was depressed when he lost his and Ellie's house, but realized Ellie would have done the same, saying "It's just a house".

Carl vouched for Russell at his ceremony, presenting the young Scout with the same soda bottle cap that Ellie had given him the day they met, as he had loved Russell as a son or perhaps grandson, which he never had.

Carl Fredricksen Cosplay

After Ellie's death, Carl has become negative, cranky, and bitter, and misses his wife terribly. Although he became nicer with Russell's help. Carl has the typical stubborn nature of a man his age, but deep down he's a kind person but has limits on patience and temper.

He noted that Russell, Dug, and Kevin represented anger and obstacles in his goal of fulfilling Ellie's dream of relocating her to Paradise Falls, but after reading her last message to him, he did the right thing and saved Russell and Kevin and accepted Dug as his dog.

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