Rainbow Six Echo Costume

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How To Dress Like Echo From Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Echo Halloween Costume

Dress like Echo from Rainbow Six Siege;

Echo's family was never close to each other, this situation may be one of the reasons behind his interest in robotics at an early age.

Echo's Costume: As a defender affiliated in Japan's special forces "SAT" echo is dressed appropriately. If you don't want to buy ready costume of Echo, you can use brownish pants, a dark blue tactical jacket and a black neck gaiter.

Echo's Accessories: Yokai is Echo's signature weapon. You can get a similar or replica of it. You also need a tactical headset, a pair of tactical knee pads, an ammunition belt, black boots.

Rainbow Six Siege Echo Costume

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Rainbow Six Echo Cosplay

Echo (real name: Masaru Enatsu), despite his apathetic nature, is an efficiency-obsessed, outspoken, and talented officer. Echo's outspoken communication style is uniquely focused and shares group harmony. His tendency to reject feedback has kept him from rising to a higher rank.

Echo is a  heavily armored operator, his unique gadgets are two hovering drones called Yokai that can cling to flat surfaces on a ceiling and emit ultrasonic bursts that can disorient the enemy.

Rainbow Six Echo Cosplay

Echo grew up in Tokyo, Japan. He and his family were never close to each other. He was fascinated with robotics even when he was very young, he has made both land and flying drones that can perform search and rescue missions in places where human cannot.

After studying Electrical and Electronics Engineering at Tokyo Metropolitan University, he joined the law enforcement of Japan. After graduating from the National Police Academy a year later, Echo joined the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department Special Unit. He worked day & night in the department's R&D lab to test his gadgets in the field.

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